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GNCC Champion Scott Summers Home Destroyed by Fire

Thursday, July 10, 2014 | 2:25 PM

The house of Scott Summers, Five-Time GNCC Champion and who was elected to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2014, was destroyed by a fire earlier this week. No one was injured, but the property was a complete loss.

A go fund me account was created to help the Summers family.

Scott's sister, Brooke Summers-Perry, sent in the following message:

Scott and Amanda Summers, my brother and sister in-law lost their home to a fire this weekend. To them it was the base from which they fortified their peace and strength that everyone they pass benefits from.  For the family, it was the home we grew up in gathered in for holidays and vacation visiting. It was so much more than that, because of the charitable way they lived in it - taking each of us in at various challenging times in our lives. The two of them have spent most of their lives engaging their choice to contribute and support others.  I would love to show them the support they've spent their lives giving others.  Many of us within the family and beyond would say, "I don't know where I would have ended up if they hadn't helped me (my family) get back on my feet."

We are so grateful that everyone got out in time.  They are dealing with this with gratitude, strength, resilience, and if you know them you'll understand this, their resilience is wrapped in humility and humor. A house can be rebuilt, your support is most appreciated.

A friends aerial 11 days ago and the house today
A friends aerial 11 days ago and the house today Photo: Summers Account

Donations can be made online at

Donations can also be made by check (make payable to Reboot and Rebuild) and mailed to:

Huntington Bank
2252 Burlington Pike
Burlington, KY 41005