GNCC Racing

GNCC Live Laps

Now you can follow your favorite riders lap by lap with our GNCC Live Laps Texting Service.  Follow the instructions below to have text alerts sent to your mobile device or email account at no charge.  (Message and data rates may apply depending on your mobile device plan.  Please consult your mobile carrier if you have any questions about SMS message rates.)

Instead of texting to a phone number, text to our email address at [email protected], and send one of the following codes to receive lap-by-lap real-time updates from your favorite GNCC events:

The following options are available:

1. Follow a Rider for the Day

This code allows fans to subscribe to a racer for the day.  Fans will then receive automatic alerts each time their rider completes a lap, containing the rider's name, hometown, number, bike brand, class, class position, overall position, lap time, and elapsed time.   The subscription is good for the duration of the race.  Multiple riders can be followed.

Text the word ‘sub’ followed by your rider’s number to [email protected]:  ex – ‘sub174’

Once the system finds your racer's number, you will receive a text back with a code to verify and activate the subscription.  The code will be the letter 's' followed by two digits, i.e., "s15".

To cancel your subscription to one or all of the riders you are following, text the word 'unsub' to [email protected].  The system will respond with codes to unsubscribe starting with the letter 'u' followed by two digits, i.e., "u15".

2. Check a Rider’s Status

Use this code to periodically check on a rider or several riders at once.  The system will respond with details about the racer's current position, lap time, and other race data. 

Text the rider’s number to [email protected]:  ex – ‘174’

If requesting the status for more than one rider, separate each racing number with a space, i.e., 16 199 512. The system will respond with a separate text for each racer. 

3. Top 20 Overall or Class Status

Use this code to check the status of the Top 20 Overall or a certain class. 

Text ‘c’ to [email protected]:  ex – ‘c’

The system will respond with a list of codes and corresponding classes from which to choose.  The code will be the letter 'c' followed by either one or two digits, i.e., c6, c10.  Reply with a class code, and the system will respond back with the current unofficial class results.