GNCC Racing

Thursday, February 5, 2015 | 3:00 AM

What is the AMA Partner Affiliate Program?

By joining or renewing your AMA membership through a special webpage or particular AMA-sanctioned events, members can support their local racing organization as the AMA reimburses a part of the membership dues back to the race promoter. In the case of GNCC Racing, Racer Productions receives a monetary portion of each AMA membership that is acquired at a GNCC event or through its GNCC-specific registration page and all proceeds go toward the new GNCC Rider Foundation.

What is the GNCC Rider Foundation?

The GNCC Rider Foundation was created in 2014 as a way to give back to members of the off-road racing community who may be in need. Racer Productions appointed three board members to collectively decide how and where to spend the funds each year. The 2017 Rider Foundation Board includes nine-time GNCC ATV Women’s Champion Traci Pickens, Team Faith representative and GNCC Pit Pastor Chuck LeMaster, and longtime off-road racing advocate and competitor Tim Anderson.

For 2014, GNCC earned $3,750 through the AMA Partner Affiliate Program and Racer Productions has added $1,250 to total a first-ever donation of $5,000 to the GNCC Rider Foundation. And for past three years, Racer Productions has matched the funds raised through the AMA Partner Affiliate Program to double the amount raised for the GNCC Rider Foundation.

The GNCC Rider Foundation also accepts donations from third parties and welcomes the GNCC Racin’ Nation to submit requests and ideas on how to use the funds. All comments will be shared with the three board members and should be directed to [email protected].