GNCC Racing

Rd 8 - Mason-Dixon

Mathews Farm - Mount Morris, PA

June 3, 2023 - June 4, 2023

Est: 2018

  • 2023 Event Logos-08


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 Adults (12+)Kids (6-11)
THURS - SUN$35$20
FRI - SUN$25$15


Adults (12+)Kids (6-11)
THURS - SUN$40$25
FRI - SUN$30$20

Special Information:

  1. NO FIRES: Due to extreme heat and dry conditions, fires are prohibited for this weekend's event.
  2. Specialized Turbo eMTB GNCC National Championship Round: Saturday at 5 PM
  3. ePeeWee Racing: Saturday, June 4 @ 6:00 p.m.
  4. 8th Annual Mowgli Memorial Dog Show presented by the GNCC Kennel Club.
    • Date & Time: Saturday, June 3 @ 7:30 p.m.
    • Classes:
       XC1 - 100lb+
       XC2 - 50-99lb
       XC3 - 15-49lb
       Micro - 1-15lb
       Novice - 0< 1yr
       Masters - 7 yr+
    • Judged On: Appearance, Agility (performance, obstacles), Attire (costumes).
  5. Hayfields are PRIVATE PROPERTY. Please stay out of the hayfields, if you are caught in the hayfields riders will be disqualified.
  6. There is NO FISHING permitted at this event.

GNCC Racing continues at Mathews Farm in Mount Morris, PA for the Mason-Dixon GNCC. This facility is located across the street from the iconic High Point Raceway, home of the High Point Pro Motocross National since 1977. 

Since the last Mathews Farm event, the land has not hosted any sort of racing event and the woods are back to a virgin state. This means that possibilities are nearly endless in terms of what types of trails you will encounter on the course. This area of southern Pennsylvania is not overly rocky so don’t expect much rock. However, the rolling hills of the area can make for some fun hillclimbs. As usual, we want to incorporate a mix of open trail, tight single track trail, and some fun flowing trail into the Mathews Farm course, and this facility gives a lot of opportunity for some fun grass track sections as well.

There’s no doubt that this event has the potential to become a popular addition to the GNCC schedule amongst riders and fans alike!


Our Hometown Favorites

  • Italian/American: Oliverio's
  • Fine Dining: Sargasso / Stefano's
  • Gastropub & Craft Drinks: Table 9
  • Pizza & Brews: Mountain State Brewing
  • Burgers & Brews: Iron Horse Tavern
  • Steak & Whiskey: Bourbon Prime
  • Sushi: Ogawa / Fugiyama
  • Burritos: Black Bear