GNCC Racing

National Numbers


National Numbers will be assigned based on overall finishes in a minimum of 9 events, with as many as 11 events counting.  The minimum number of events does not have to be in the same class, but it must be in the same discipline. 

Micro National Numbers will be assigned based on overall finishes in a minimum of 8 events, with as many as 10 events counting. The minimum number of events does not have to be in the same class, but it must be in the same discipline, i.e., Bike Micro or ATV Micro.

National Number points will be earned based upon the following points scale per event: 


Final National Numbers for 1 pm Pro Race participants will be awarded to the top 20 overall first, regardless of number of events entered, then to remaining afternoon riders. Bike Numbers 111 through 119, and 174 are reserved for visiting champions. Final National Numbers for 10 am Amateur Race participants will start at number 201. A rider with an earned number has the option to reserve a higher number, if available. 

Ties: Ties in the top 20 National Numbers in the 1 pm Pro Race will be broken by the most first place overall finishes, then by the most second place overall finishes, etc., until the tie is broken. Ties for remaining national numbers will be broken by the higher overall finish in the final race of the season.

Beginning December 20, 2021 -

Riders earning a National Number in 2021 are ranked and have been assigned 2022 National Numbers accordingly. It is not uncommon for riders to request a different number for competition, resulting in many unused numbers throughout the racing season. To help alleviate this problem, we request that all riders who have earned a national number confirm that they will be using their assigned national number. Or, in the event they desire to use a different number, that they request to do so. It is important to know what division you will be competing in (i.e., AM or PM), as a number earned in the 10 a.m. race will not transfer to the 1 p.m. race, and vice versa, unless requested by the rider.

Click HERE to Confirm your Earned National Numbers, or Request a new one.

Beginning January 3, 2022 -

In addition to the riders who earned a 2021 National Number, riders who participated in at least six (6) GNCC events in 2021 and who anticipate competing in at least six (6) GNCC events in 2022, may also request a number.

If you have a favorite unearned number that you have reserved in the past, it is necessary for you to reserve that number for next season, as we do not carry-over unearned national numbers.

Click HERE to Reserve an Unearned Number for 2022.

Beginning January 17, 2022 -

Riders who do not meet the above requirements for various reasons (i.e., injury), but met the same requirements in 2021, may submit a request citing why they do not meet the requirements for 2022 and requesting a reserved number. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Click HERE to Reserve a Number for 2022 if you have an Extenuating Circumstance.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please email at [email protected]. Thank you.