GNCC Racing

Rd 1 - Big Buck

Big Buck Farm - Union, SC

February 17, 2024 - February 18, 2024

Have you noticed the cross on the starting line at the Big Buck GNCC? If you have, or even if you have not, we wanted to tell you the story behind the cross. Garrett Arnold was an avid quad and dirt bike rider since he was four years old when his mom and stepdad bought him his first quad. 

The Starting Line Cross
The Starting Line Cross

Garrett loved loading up his quad or bike and heading to the track with his buddies to race or even just practice. He also enjoyed riding the trails with his family. In 2020, Garrett attended the Big Buck GNCC with his stepdad and sister. He talked with various riders and had such a good time watching the races, that he could not stop talking about entering the race in 2021. Unfortunately, that dream would never happen as in August of 2020, he would succumb to his injuries sustained in a horrific accident with his best friend. 

Before his death, Garrett talked about that if he passed he would want to be spread on a red dirt racetrack down south. His family and friends had the privilege of going to Big Buck thanks to the owner, Henry Turner, and spreading some of his ashes facing the starting line of the track with the cross symbolizing a life lived to the fullest and cut way to short. Garrett will continue to be remembered for his funny, goofy, fearless, loving and caring personality. But, also for his love of riding quads and dirt bikes.