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Season Start Race Recap - NEPG & GNCC

Tuesday, March 12, 2024 | 10:35 AM

The 2024 race season kicked off with Round 1 of NEPG in Sumter, South Carolina, on February 11th, 2024. Coastal Racing's own, Ryder Lafferty, came away with the win! Congrats, Ryder!

Jordan Ashburn earned second in the XC1 Open Pro at Georgia.
Jordan Ashburn earned second in the XC1 Open Pro at Georgia. Mack Faint

Round 1 of GNCC racing, Big Buck, took place in Union, South Carolina, on February 18th. Jordan Ashburn, racing his first season with Coastal Gasgas Factory Racing, finished in 4th place. Ryder Lafferty, racing his first full season in the XC1 Pro class, finished 12th. Racing in Open A this season, Cole Whitmer finished in 2nd place! And Lane Whitmer, racing 250A in 2024, crossed the line for 5th place. Returning rider for the Super Senior A class, Shawn Remington, finished 3rd.

Following round 1, GNCC racing moved to sunny and sandy Palatka, Florida, for the Wild Boar on March 3rd. Rain and sun made an appearance during Sunday's race which saw XC1 racer Jordan Ashburn finishing 4th for a second race in a row. Teammate, Ryder Lafferty, crossed the line for 9th place. Cole Whitmer (Open A) finished with a 3rd place! Lane Whitmer in 250A had a good race and grabbed 3rd place. Racing the morning race, Shawn Remington, grabbed 4th place in Super Senior A!

And from Florida to Georgia our riders were tasked with back to back race weekends! And just like last year, it was a muddy weekend in Washington, Georgia, with rain throughout the week and on Friday. The sun came out for Sundays race and with it came great results for our riders. Jordan Ashburn came away with a second place finish in XC1! Great job, Jordan! Ryder Lafferty finished round 3 in 12th place. Cole Whitmer grabbed the win in Open A! Congrats, Cole! And Lane Whitmer brought home a 4th place finish in 250A! Shawn Remington, riding Super Senior A, grabbed another 3rd place finish.

Great job this weekend team, now onto the next! #Coastalracing