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Coastal GASGAS Factory Racing - Round 10 Race Report

Wednesday, September 20, 2023 | 4:15 PM

GNCC Racing Returned This Weekend For Round 10,
The Mountaineer, in Beckley, West Virginia!

Ryder Lafferty unfortunately suffered a mechanical issue at round 10.
Ryder Lafferty unfortunately suffered a mechanical issue at round 10. Mack Faint

The return to racing after the long summer break brought a weekend of sunshine, rain, and muddy race conditions. On Friday, XC2 eMTB rider, Talon Hawk, kicked off the race weekend with the first of a eMTB double header. Talon had a great start off the line and lead for the majority of the race, he picked up a decent lead over second place when less than a mile to the finish, a broken chain caused him to push his bike the rest of the way. Talon managed to push his bike across the line for a first place and win number 4!

On Saturday, Talon had a clean race and rode well all the way to finish. He crossed the line for a fifth consecutive win.

This win crowned Talon the championship winner for this year's XC2 eMTB class! Congrats, Talon, on all your wins and title this season!

Rain Saturday night that continued through Sunday made for a messy and muddy start for the afternoon race. XC2 250 Pro rider, Ryder Lafferty, had a tough start off the line and completed lap one before a mechanical issue took Lafferty out of the race and he was forced to DNF.

250A rider, Lane Whitmer, completed 5 laps for a 9th place and 36th overall after a difficult race.

Cole Whitmer, racing Open A for a second race in a row, led his class for the first 3 laps, before facing a mechanical issue that saw him finish 7th in class by race end.

Thad Duvall did not race at The Mountaineer as he is healing from injury.

Super Senior A rider, Shawn Remington, finished in third place this weekend, continuing to hold the points lead in his class.

The 2023 GNCC season heads to The Buckwheat 100 in Newburg, West Virginia for the penultimate round October 7th and 8th. We hope to see you there!

Coastal GASGAS Factory Racing team manger, Barry Hawk, was inducted into the AMA Hall Of Fame last week in the Class of 2023. Barry won 7 consecutive quad champions from 1993 to 1999. For the 1998 and 1999 season Barry raced the pro quad race on Saturday and the pro bike race on Sunday, a feat still unmatched to this day. He made the full time switch to motorcycles in the year 2000 and got his first overall win in 2001. In 2003, he won the GNCC Pro bike championship, making him the first and only rider to win GNCC championships on both a quad and bike. From 2011 to 2015 he remained in the industry as part of the GNCC track crew. In 2016, he picked up his current role of team manager for the Coastal GASGAS Factory racing team, mentoring and managing the riders of today. Congratulations on all your achievements, Barry, and your induction into the Hall of Fame!

2023 AMA HOF Ceremony - Barry Hawk
2023 AMA HOF Ceremony - Barry Hawk Mitch Kendra