GNCC Racing

Coastal GASGAS Factory Racing - Camp Coker Bullet Race Report

Wednesday, April 19, 2023 | 11:25 AM

Coastal GASGAS Factory Racing visited Society Hill, South Carolina for the fifth round of GNCC racing, the Camp Coker Bullet. 

Ryder Lafferty
Ryder Lafferty Mack Faint

It was another bright and sunny afternoon in South Carolina when the green flag waved on Sundays bike race. Ryder Lafferty, saw himself to a difficult start off the line and began picking his way through the XC2 Pro class toward the top. By lap 4, Ryder found himself in second place hoping to run down the leader and secure a win. Ultimately, Ryder crossed the line in fourth place, his best finish since round two. 

Lane Whitmer and Cole Whitmer had equally decent starts and found themselves fighting through the 250A class towards the top. Both Whitmer's said the race only got tougher and tougher with each lap and brought it in for a sixth and ninth finish, respectively. 

Thad Duvall did not race the Camp Coker Bullet due to a hand injury. He's optimistic about a fast heal and says, "With a three week break after this, (Round 5) we are planning on lining up at the Hoosier GNCC!" 

Shawn Remington picked up a third place finish in Super Senior A this weekend. 

This was the last GNCC race down south and next we'll visit Indiana for the Hoosier on May 6-7!