GNCC Racing

Coastal GASGAS Factory Racing - GNCC Round 3

Tuesday, March 14, 2023 | 11:00 AM

Coastal GASGAS Factory Racing - GNCC ROUND 3: WASHINGTON, GA

For round three of GNCC racing, Coastal Gasgas Factory Racing visited Washington, Georgia to finish the second of back to back race weekends.

Thad Duvall
Thad Duvall Mack Faint

The General was a race full of mud and water. With a down pouring of rain Sunday morning, lining up at 1 PM was the last time anyone was clean. After a mid-pack start, Thad Duvall attempted to climb his way up to the front but after digging himself out of a few deep holes and a technical issue held him back early in the race. This, paired with the wet conditions, resulted in an 8th place finish in XC1 Pro.

Ryder Lafferty experienced a similar race in the XC2 class. After checking in after lap one in 14th place, Ryder fought hard to climb through the riders ahead of him in hopes to raise his position. After a difficult day he finished in 7th place but says he has his eyes set on improving and coming back stronger next round.

Cole Whitmer grabbed the holeshot off the 250A start line but with some errors and mistakes started to drift backwards as the laps went on. After 4 laps Cole saw himself finish in 6th place. Lane Whitmer finished in 11th place in 250A.

Ryder Lafferty
Ryder Lafferty Mack Faint

Shawn Remington found his footing in the Georgia mud and was able to pick up a win in the Super Senior A class in the 10 AM race this weekend!

Round 1 of eMTB Racing took place this weekend at The General with Talon Hawk lining up on the XC2 line on his Gasgas powered eMTB. Talon found himself in second most of the race and began to close on the leader towards the end of the race but ran out of laps. He finishes 2nd in his class for a great start to the season.

Round four, Tiger Run, takes place April 1-2 in Union, South Carolina!