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Quick Fill #36: This Week in GNCC

Quick Fill #36: This Week in GNCC

Friday, December 2, 2022 | 2:05 PM
Friday, December 2, 2022 | 2:05 PM

Welcome to Quick Fill. 

We’re trudging right on through the winter break as Thanksgiving is now in the rear-view mirror and Christmas will be right on top of us before we know it. However, before we get to Christmas, we have the GNCC Banquet which is coming up next weekend. If you’ve never made it to the banquet before, it’s a pretty good time! It’s really cool to come together and see a lot of the same faces you see at the races, but in a slightly more formal setting. Now, I say ‘slightly’ because everyone likes to dress nice for the banquet, but it still isn’t a full-blown tuxedo affair… Unless you want to wear a tux; that’s completely up to you. 

With the banquet fast approaching, one order of business is a quick reminder that registration for the banquet will end this coming Tuesday; December 6th. So, if you haven’t already registered for the banquet and are planning on coming, be sure to do so right away! You can get all the info on the banquet page HERE. Also, there are some minor changes this year. In years past if you won a class championship you had to pick gear colors, sizes, etc. This year our friends at Parts Unlimited are giving class champions a certificate to use that will allow you to better choose exactly what you’d like. Now, this does require you to complete a W-9 but that does not mean you will be taxed on that. Like any business these days, they just need that on file but the amount for your class championship award will be well under the tax-paying amount. So, be sure you either have that form completed or be prepare to complete when you pick up your contingency prizes. 

If you participated in the Riders Meeting Zoom calls over the last few weeks, then you got a little teaser of the 2023 GNCC schedule. We’ll be working to have everything finalized and ready to go for the banquet, there’s just one thing we’re still working to wrap up but hope to have it all done before next weekend. So, if it’s still a surprise for you then be prepared to hopefully hear more at the banquet. 

This week we’ll pick back up on our 2022 championship recap with some of the top classes in the AM ATV race. We’ll kick that off by starting with the 4x4 A class where Gavin Jenkins rode an incredible season to take eight wins in ten rounds and wrap up the championship early in time to give the 4x4 Pro class a try in the final three rounds. Benjamin Ciesielczyk also put together a solid 2022 season to end the year in the second-place spot and snagged a race win along the way in addition to a total of 10 top five finishes. Mike Segars snagged a race win as well, and with eight other top five finishes he was able to take the third-place spot for the year. Ending the year in the fourth-place spot would be Bryon Russell who snagged a total of four top three finishes in 2022. 

In the 4x4 B it would be Richie Nolan squeaking out the championship by just one single point! Richie only claimed a total of three wins, but consistently landing in the top three eight other times would be good enough for the class championship. Second place would go to Collin Markoski who won an impressive seven races, but would end up just that one single point short of the title. Marc Ansley claimed two race wins and finished inside the top five at every single event to end the year in the third-place spot while Jeremy Nelson and Jeff Rush would round out the top five, both with a fair number of top five finishes to their credit. 

In the 4x4 Senior class, it would be Josh Day and Travis Fleming duking it out for the class championship. With seven wins and two second place finishes, Day would claim the class championship with Fleming ended up second after a consistent season where he never finished worse than fourth place. Meanwhile, the Schoolboy Jr class would see Jericho Edmondson with a very consistent season full of 11 top five finishes and a class championship! Second place would go to Emma Probst who won a total of three races and finished inside the top 4 three other times! 

Chloe Harper and Morgan Johnson put on a heck of a battle in the Womens class to end the year tied for the National Championship. In these amateur classes the championship tiebreaker is based off the most wins, and if the two riders have the same amount of wins, the tiebreaker will go to the rider with the better finish in the final round. Harper and Johnson both ended up with six wins on the season, but with the Ironman win Harper would come away with the class championship over Johnson. Wow! Third place would go to Makenna Bruderly who topped fourth place rider, Alexis Keyes by just one point. Rounding out the top five would be Anna Nicely. 

The Schoolboy Sr class has become one of the most hotly contested classes in the AM ranks in addition to that of the 4x4 Pro and WXC classes. This year it would be Brody Lee claiming the Schoolboy Sr class championship, snagging four wins along the way. Dayton Hickey would take three wins of his own and the second-place spot by just two points over third place rider, Bryson Lee who also won a total of three races. Meanwhile, Elijah Edmondson and Tavin Cook would round out the top five in the Schoolboy Sr class. 

We’ll be picking back up with more and more classes in the coming weeks but for now we’re going to wrap up this week’s edition of Quick Fill. We’re knee deep in banquet prep, so it’s back to work to get things rolling for next weekend. Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you back here next week!