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Wednesday, August 31, 2022 | 6:50 PM

LE PUY-EN-VELAY, France – The 96th FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) has reached its halfway point in Le Puy-En-Velay, France with all-new terrain setting the stage for day three of racing. The U.S. Women’s World Trophy team further extended their lead to 11 minutes over Great Britain as KTM’s Brandy Richards continues her dominance with another clean sweep on the day’s tests. 


With Richards at the helm, teammate Korie Steede delivered her side of the bargain as the KTM duo finished 1-2, respectively, in three of the day’s special tests. Steede came through in fourth for the other two tests, which gave the young rider a solid third overall on the day. Rachel Gutish (GASGAS) finished seventh overall on the day with a solid panel of test finishes. 

Brandy Richards: “Day three was super consistent again and we gained another four minutes, so we now have an 11-minute lead as a team. So, we’re just staying super consistent and looking forward to tomorrow.” 

Korie Steede: “I had the best day out there! I had so much fun on my dirtbike and the team is killing it, so I’m ready for more!” 


FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Dante Oliveira was once again the top finisher in the U.S. group, despite having a couple of test finishes outside the top-20. He finished strong with two top-three scores to round out the day 13th outright. Sitting 17th overall after day three, Kailub Russell put in a pretty consistent performance with two top-10 test finishes. Layne Michael (Yamaha) came through just ahead of KTM’s Josh Toth, as both riders hovered around the top-20 throughout the day. 

Dante Oliveira: “It was a poor start to the day for me. I was able to bring it back up for test two and then I choked again in test three but I was able to finish strong with the last two tests. It was a solid day but those two tests really hurt me – no crashes or big mistakes, I was just way off-pace. I had a fun day on the bike and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.” 

Josh Toth: “It was a pretty good day overall, no big mistakes or crashes or anything like that. I’m still kind of fighting the bike and trying to get a good feeling and put in some good tests. The new tests were good, they were challenging but I know it’s going to be tough and really technical tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to that.” 


Still fighting for individual honors, Junior team members Mateo Oliveira (KTM) and Austin Walton (Husqvarna Motorcycles) continue to put in consistent rides halfway into the week. Walton, who sits sixth overall in JWT, once again delivered times are on-par with the division’s front-runners. Oliveira found himself a little off-pace from the previous days but he still managed 12th in JWT at the end of day three. 

Mateo Oliveira: “We just finished up with day three and I think I may have moved backwards today. I’m definitely not too pumped with my riding and performance but we have three more days to make it happen. I know what I need work on and what I need to do for the next three days and I’m ready to keep on pushing!” 

Racing from the 2022 International Six Days Enduro will resume on Thursday, September 1 with day four of six from Le Puy-En-Velay, France. For updates on KTM riders, follow along on Instagram and be on the lookout for daily recaps on all of the U.S. teams. For a list of complete results, please visit

Women’s World Trophy Classification (After Day 3 of 6)

1. USA, 6:02:08.63
2. Great Britain, +11:03.15
3. France, +20:15.18
4. Australia, +21:18.99
5. Sweden, +41:18.65

World Trophy Classification (After Day 3 of 6)
1. Great Britain, 7:00:22.25
2. Italy, +2:23.16
3. Spain, +3:00.27
4. France, +5:32.95
5. USA, +5:32.98

Junior World Trophy Classification (After Day 3 of 6)
1. Italy, 5:27:49.26
2. Finland, +2:09.60
3. Australia, +5:39.64
4. Great Britain, +6:23.79
5. Spain, +9:45.20