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Magna1 Motorports John Penton GNCC Race Report

Thursday, May 26, 2022 | 2:05 PM

John Penton Magna1 Motorsports Race Report

Hello Race Fans …
If you didn’t get a chance to notice Moose Racing photographers, Videographers, and Support weathers the elements not for Magna1 Motorsports but for all Moose ELITE riders - BIG Thank you an to be able to dress up like this for work - We MUST share!

Well John Penton didn’t disappoint as we had Heat, a Wind Storm, Heavy rains, a cool down Sunday that became a Heated battle in peanut butter conditions in unforgiving sections.

Drew Landers
Drew Landers Magna1 Motorsports

On Saturday AM - Drew Landers kicked off the weekend with a top 5 4x4 Pro spot on his CanAm Renagade XXC1000r closing the gap mid to late race making for a solid day. With lots to learn in the new world of quads - Drew is adjusting well and with starts - Good Finishes will follow.

Brycen Neal
Brycen Neal Magna1 Motorsports

As the day Heated up so did the Battle for Brycen Neal XC1 Pro ATV rider as he put himself in unfavorable postition with a mid pack start while Walker Fowler takes the Holeshot and Big Efforts pushed to get away. We close the gap on a tough track to track anyone down to a wheel to wheel battle for all you fans to catch and view on RacerTV or at the track. The Ohio native - The Bidwell Bullet • Rocky does it again to put himself in a position to win his 4th straight ATV PRO overall at the John Penton GNCC!

Brayden Baisley
Brayden Baisley Magna1 Motorsports

The Sunday calm after the Bneal Storm we kicked off bike day with Brayden Baisley landing on the podium in 2nd making this 7 straight. As we head into Mason Dixon Baisley holds a 3 pt lead in the hunt for the 12-15 85cc big wheel 2022 championship run!

As expected with a delay of the PM race we welcome the rain which became an conversational topic on an off the track being like none other - Peanut Butter!

Chase Landers
Chase Landers Magna1 Motorsports

Our 4 stroke A Lites rider Chase Landers came from back - slipping his way into a Top 5 position and showing positive gains while on the unforgivable track that with 1 mistake you slip way back. By the end of the race we landed a 6 spot an also taking home all the positive gains to carry onto Mason Dixon.

Brody Johnson
Brody Johnson Magna1 Motorsports

Brody is doing is thing … winning FMF XC3 125 class by BIG minutes on his 2 Stroke Husqvarna TC125. After a couple non-productive rounds we are only 20 pts off of the points leader heading into round 8. Looks like we will be fighting the fight to assure we sitting good going into the break with 2 rounds to focus on.

Jordan Ashburn
Jordan Ashburn Magna1 Motorsports

The Rock - Jordan ASHBURN finds himself on the podium after an unlike Jordan start he was able to close the gap and gain valuable points. Like for many others those unforgiving sections got us but as the fight to the finished unfolded we were only seconds off the leader and a bad line choice away from being a really interesting finish.

Jack will be Back - out nursing an ankle injury - Also that #118 Husqvarna FC250 Machine is looking really good sitting in pits but looks way better muddy!

Great job Team - Focus on the FIGHT!