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Tuesday, March 29, 2022 | 3:15 PM

We tend to focus on the Pros. I mean, they have earned their time in the spotlight, there’s no doubt about that. But the majority of GNCC Racin’ Nation is made up of Amateur riders. In fact, this might be shocking to you, but your favorite Pro… yeah, they were once an Amateur themselves. *GASP!* I know, shocking.

This week we sit down with Dallas Johnson, who runs the Sportsman B class. He’s fairly new to GNCC, but he’s fully entrenched in the world of GNCC with big hopes of competing in the three hour afternoon race next season.

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Johnson started racing the GNCC Series back in 2018. Ken Hill When did you get started riding and eventually racing GNCC?

Dallas Johnson: I started really riding Enduro trails back in 2017, just getting to really find out what riding a big bike in the woods felt like. I went to my first GNCC at Camp Coker in 2018, which is my favorite track. I’ve been back to Coker in ‘19 and ’21. 

What class are you racing this year and how’s your season going? 

I race sportsman B. The top guys in Sportsman B are pretty quick. I ran top 5 last year at Coker so I figured since coming off injury I’d do the 2 hours this year. It’s gone good and bad. I had my best results at The General this year. So far…

What are you goals with racing? 

Hoping to move to the afternoon three-hour race next year. Go out and have fun and the rewards will come eventually.  

What’s training look like for you? 

I work out and have my own gym at the house. We pretty much have our own little compound here at home, so I have different rough tracks to ride. 

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Injuries plagued Johnson in 2021, but is looking for better results in 2022. Courtesy of Dallas Johnson

You had a pretty nasty injury back in 2021. What happened and are you fully recovered?

Yeah, in January I broke my hand and wrist, arm got blown off the bar very fast and rapid and it just broke, recovered from that and in July at a NEPG went for a jump and landed and my foot was on the peg and it bottomed out and broke my ankle. Been a tough go, it took a while for my ankle to get healed up. Still battling that, it aches here and there, and I ride differently now. 

Outside of racing what do you do to help support you financially? 

My best friend has a tree cutting service and I work with him.

When you’re not racing or training, what do you like to do for fun? 

I love to deer hunt and enjoy me some good ole Morgan Wallen with a nice cold beverage every now and again. Also love working to cut new trail and having the some of the pros come down and train with me at the house.

Everyone has their crew they run with at GNCC. Who’s helping you out in the pits and on race day?

My dad is my biggest supporter. He’s always there and makes sure I have what I need during the race with the gas, water bottles and googles. My cousin Brent, and best friend Aaron. 

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Johnson currently participates in the Sportsman B class, getting himself back into three-hour race shape. Courtesy of Dallas Johnson

What about your girlfriend? Gotta give a shoutout to the girlfriend man. Who’s the lady friend? 

Her names Allie, a southern boy and northern girl I’m just trying to show her the southern ways. Haha! She came to her first race this past weekend at Tiger Run. She really liked it and is excited for Camp Coker.

Who are the sponsors and folks you’d like to thank? 

Cycle Specialty who provides me with my bikes. Atlanta Powersports, XC GEAR, Hills Performance Tuning, X BRAND GOGGLES, RYNO POWER, CAROLINA XC, Funnel Web Filters, FXR, Mobius Braces, my parents, and every other local supporter from my hometown.