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Tuesday Toolbox: Kody Buckhannon

Tuesday Toolbox: Kody Buckhannon

Tuesday, January 11, 2022 | 11:45 AM
Tuesday, January 11, 2022 | 11:45 AM

From an outside perspective GNCC is an individual sport. Right? I mean if you’ve never been to a race and know nothing about the sport you see a rider and their machine. That’s it.

Now, racing GNCC we all know it’s far from an individual sport. It takes a team. Often times that team becomes family. Then there’s the cases where that race family, is actually blood family. If you’ve been around GNCC over the last couple decades you’re well aware of the name, Buckhannon. In fact, Kody’s dad, Bryan, has 8 National GNCC Championships under his belt. Something tells me the Buckhannon Boys, yes there’s two of them, plan on adding some more hardware to the family’s trophy room. Kody did just that in 2021.

Kody Buckhannon earned the 2021 Micro ATV Overall Championship. Photo: Ken Hill
[caption] Kody, thanks for joining me today. To get us started, give us some background on you. How long have you been riding and racing?

Kody Buckhannon: Thanks for having me on Tuesday Toolbox! I am 9 years old and in the 4th grade. When I’m not racing, I like to ski, play baseball, ride my bike, and play with my friends. I’ve been at the races all my life because my dad used to race. I started racing locals at Burning Rock when I was 3 and racing GNCC’s when I was 4.

You finished the 2021 GNCC season as the Overall Champion in Micro ATVs. Tell us about your season?

I had a great season! This was my first year racing MXC1. I won my first overall at The General which was super exciting. I had 8 wins with 7 overalls. My favorite memory was winning at my home track, The Mountaineer in front of a lot of my family and friends. While battling for the championship, I made a last corner pass to take the win by .100 of a second. I also got to race my Yamaha Raptor in the Youth race for the first time at Snowshoe which is now my new favorite track!

What’s next for you in GNCC?

I will compete in the Youth 90 Limited 8-12. I still have my micro quad ready to go but it just depends on how much I grow in the off season.

Alright, the question everyone is wondering about. Who’s faster, you or Bodie?

Me, definitely me.

Buckhannon earned eight class wins throughout the 2021 season. Photo: Ken Hill

Your dad knows a thing or two about winning races and it’s obvious you and your brother have that same drive. What’s training look like for you?

I play sports year-round. I also ride our Peloton and do workouts with Bodie. I ride as much as possible at the Meadows’ farm with my teammates.

Are you excited to be back in school? What are you favorites classes/subjects?

No!! Reading is my favorite subject. I like to read. I also like gym, recess, and lunch!!

What did you get for Christmas?

My favorite gift was an Xbox. I also got a new gaming table and chair.

What’s your favorite memory racing GNCC?

Winning my first Micro Championship in 2020.

Buckhannon is looking to become an XC1 Pro racer one day.. Photo: Ken Hill

What are your goals in GNCC? Have fun or would you like to shoot for the XC1 someday?

I’m definitely shooting for the XC1 Pro class.

Who are your favorite GNCC riders?

I like watching the top 5 run but Adam McGill and Walker Fowler are my favorites.

Buckhannon accepting his number one plate and National Championship plate at the 2021 GNCC Banquet. Photo: Derek Garcia

Who are the sponsors and people you’d like to thank?

God for keeping all of us safe, Racer Productions for giving us the opportunity to race ATV’s, my teammates Caden Johnson, Trevor Meadows, Sawyer Bolen, and Bodie Buckhannon for always pushing me at our practice track. I think riding with older and faster teammates really helps push me to ride faster. Also my family for all the hard work and of course you Mikey for promoting the sport I love. Buckhannon Racing, SuperATV, Kenda Tires, DP Brakes, Precision Racing Parts, FLY, HMF, Spider Grips, Alba Racing, Swampfox Motorsports, Johnson Racing, Rogers Racing, 2 Brothers Collision, Stafford Racing, J&I Trucking, DeRisi Racing, Beckley Honda, Swampfox Motorsports, and Burning Rock Off Road Adventure Park.