GNCC Racing

Competition Bulletin 2019-7: Addition of 50 Jr. 1 (6-7) 10” Max. Class

Friday, March 22, 2019 | 10:00 AM

TO: 2019 GNCC Racing Participants

DATE: March 22, 2019


Addition of 50 Jr. 1 (6-7) 10” Max. Class

With two GNCC Micro rounds completed it is apparent that there is a need for a second Micro Junior class for bikes with a maximum front wheel of 10”. The Current 50 Sr. (6-7) class allows for a maximum front wheel of 12”. Entries in this class at the Wild Boar were 15 and 25 at The General. However, several riders had bikes with only 10” wheels, which is a disadvantage. Given the size of the class and the age of the riders, a separation is appropriate. 

Accordingly, for the remainder of the series the Micro Class structure will be as follows: 

MXC1 (8-9)0-51cc 2-Stk; 0-70cc 4-Stk
MXC2 (6-8)0-51cc 2-Stk; 0-70cc 4-Stk
50 Sr. (6-7)0-51cc 2-Stk; 0-70cc 4-Stk
50 Jr. 1 (6-7)0-51cc 2-Stk; 0-70cc 4-Stk
Max. Wheels: Front 10"
50 Jr. 2 (4-5)0-51cc 2-Stk; 0-70cc 4-Stk
Max. Wheels: Front 10"
Trail Rider (7-9)0-65cc 2-Stk; 0-90cc 4-Stk  
Casual Competitor; Non-points class


Due to this change the results of the first two round will be adjusted to reflect the new class structure, i.e., riders who participated in the first two rounds on 10” machines will be rescored in the new 50 Jr. 1 (6-7) class, and the current 50 Sr. (6-7) class will be rescored as well.

In addition, due to time restraints all Micro race time lengths will be reduced to 30 minutes.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. For questions please contact [email protected]