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Competition Bulletin: 2018-15: ATV "B" Class Restrictions for Ironman Hill

Thursday, October 25, 2018 | 4:45 PM

TO: GNCC Participants


DATE: October 25, 2018


ATV “B” Class Restrictions for Ironman Hill

Due to the size of the crowd it is necessary to limit the number of riders going up Ironman Hill for the Saturday 1 PM ATV Pro Race. Only Pro and “A” level riders will be permitted to go up Ironman Hill.  Accordingly, the following classes will be REQUIRED to go to the left around Ironman Hill. 

  • College B (16-21)
  • Junior B (22+)
  • Vet B (30+)
  • Senior B (40+)

Any “B” rider attempting Ironman Hill will be penalized ONE LAP. Directional signage will be placed at the bottom of the hill directing “B” riders to the left.

This restriction applies to the ATV Pro Race only.  The 10 am ATV Amateur Race and the 10 am Bike Amateur Race will NOT go up Ironman Hill.  All classes for the Sunday 1 PM Bike Pro Race will go up Ironman Hill. 

Please direct all inquiries to [email protected]