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Tuesday Toolbox: Lucas Towery

Tuesday Toolbox: Lucas Towery

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 | 8:00 PM
Tuesday, May 24, 2016 | 8:00 PM

Lucas Towery is a familiar face in the world of GNCC Racing. It’s not uncommon to see the entire Towery Family at a GNCC event as Lucas’ dad, Ricky, is the GNCC start/finish line referee. His mom, Lynn, also works at Rider Registration and when his brother Robby is able to make it to a race, you can catch him on the track as well. We caught up with Lucas to hear more about his 2016 season and much, much more! How's everything going today?
Lucas Towery: It's going pretty good just a typical Tuesday. Went to work then home to wash my bike.

Are you ready for another weekend of GNCC Racing?
Yes I am! I'm always looking forward to GNCC races. I wouldn't know life without going to each round.

Now you're definitely no stranger to GNCC Racing, tell everyone a little about yourself.
I'm 26 years old and have a full-time job with the City of Shelby, North Carolina, where I live and just enjoy going to races and hanging out on the weekends.

How did you get started racing?
I started riding when I was 3 and racing when I was 4. My dad always raced and got my brother and I into it when we were young. We've been hooked ever since!

GNCC events are a family affair for the Towery Family!
GNCC events are a family affair for the Towery Family! Photo: Courtesy Lucas' Facebook

Coming to the GNCCs is a whole family affair for you. Tell us about that.
Yeah, it's a family affair for sure. My mom and dad have been helping with the GNCC’s since around 1996. We've seen a lot and done a lot that I wouldn't have been able to do if it wasn't for the GNCC's and traveling so much.

Your dad is one of the most recognizable figures in GNCC Racing as he's at every single start and every single finish of every race, then after the races its not uncommon to go see him help out working at the front gate. How did he get started doing that?
(laughs) He’s “The Zebra” as I call him. He raced and also worked for Buren Hamrick at the Mid-East Hare Scramble Series. One day Buren introduced him to Rita Coombs and she put him to work. He started out working checks in the woods in the old days where you used the hole puncher and punched the tag on the handle bar. Then he scanned a few races at the finish line until one race in the late 90's when they needed a referee, so they asked him to do it and it stuck. Mom used to always work at the gate before she went to sign up, so that's why you see him at the gate sometimes.

It's been a long time, too. When's the last time your dad missed a GNCC?
When we started racing the GNCC's the mini's didn't race at every round on the schedule, so we only hit the ones that had mini's. When my brother Robby moved up to big bikes in 2000, we started hitting them all and my parents haven't missed a race since!

Lucas has put together a stellar 2016 season thus far with three wins in the Junior A/B (25+) class.
Lucas has put together a stellar 2016 season thus far with three wins in the Junior A/B (25+) class. Photo: Courtesy Lucas' Facebook

Now you've been racing Sportsman A on and off for several years, but you spent some time racing the series full-time for several years. How'd that go?
I raced the Youth full time and moved up in 2006. I got 4th in 4 Stroke B and ran 4 Stroke A Lites a few years until I graduated high school. I got a full-time job and 3-hours was a little too much at the time, so I switched to Sportsman A in the 10:00am race.

This year you've been back in it racing the new Junior A/B 25+ class. How has your season been so far?
It's been pretty good so far. Been staying in the top 3. Joseph McCarty, Brandon Peterson and I have been pretty close the first half of the season.

Did you expect to be leading the class points?
Coming back to the 3-hour race, I wasn't sure (laughs). That last hour used to get me.

What is it going to take to hold that points lead?
It's definitely going to take a few more wins and some good luck.

Lucas hopes to claim the class championship this season, but tough competition won't make that easy!
Lucas hopes to claim the class championship this season, but tough competition won't make that easy! Photo: Courtesy Lucas' Facebook

What do you hope to accomplish through the rest of the 2016 season?
It would be great to get a few more wins and win the class championship. It's possibly but it definitely won't come without a lot of hard work. The guys racing this class are tough competition but I enjoy racing with them.

Moving forward, what do you hope to accomplish in the coming years?
I would like to keep on coming and racing for as many years as I'm able to.

Through all of the racing you've done over the years, what has been your biggest accomplishment?
I've won some local championships in the Mid-East Hare Scramble Series, but I would say biggest accomplishment is just being able to race for as long as I have. It's been great and I don't see myself stopping until I have to.

Alright, before we wrap this up, who would you like to thank?
The Good Lord for keeping me safe, my mom and dad, my brother Robby for always supporting me. Maxxis, Fly, Marc Hilton at MotoVation Suspension, Vance Earl Racing, 100%, FMF, Mike and Annette Lyon, Braxton McGee and Family, Troy Lieberman and Family, and Buren Hamrick