GNCC Racing

Competition Bulletin 2016-5

Friday, January 22, 2016 | 12:25 PM

TO: 2016 AMSOIL GNCC Participants

FROM: Racer Productions

DATE: January 22, 2016



An inquiry has been received with regard to the legality of the use of a Procom Adjustable CDI in the 90 Limited class.  To be clear, changes to electronics, including the CDI and ECU, are not permitted in the limited class.  Accordingly, to clarify this position, Section C, Subsection (2)(g) of the 2016 GNCC Amateur Competition Rules, is amended as follows:

90 Limited: (71-90cc 2-stk; 75-125cc 4-stk) Production models. The following may be changed or added: tires (but no tire balls), wheels (cannot change stock width), pipe, sprockets, gearing, clutch, twist throttle, handlebars, grips, handle bar pads, front bumper, rear grab bar, air filter, jetting and steering stabilizer.  Fenders may be trimmed.  No other modifications allowed, INCLUDING carburetors, electronics, including CDI and ECU, oil injection, air box and lid, gas tank, wheelbase, width, rear axle, A-arm, shocks and suspension.  2-Stroke shifter models not eligible.

For further inquiries, contact [email protected].