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KR4 Announces 2015 Grassroots Sponsorship Program

Monday, January 19, 2015 | 3:50 PM

Over the past few months we've received a lot of inquires from riders that are interested in our program. 

Riders looking for sponsorship, wanting to lease bikes, rent a bike for a single event and asking how they can be a part of KR4.  Well I'm here to say that in 2015, its never been easier to be a part of the KR4 program.

 How it Works?

Our grassroots program gives any level rider an inside look at how we actually function as a professional race team.  When a person becomes a Grassroots rider, they receive a sponsorship experience like no other in the industry.  Sure anyone can go online, sign up on any of the virtual sponsorship websites and receive a sponsorship deal.  In just a matter of days, you'll receive a sponsorship deal offering a discount without even talking to a human. Our Grassroots sponsorship program is one you can actually reach out and touch, ask questions too and receive track support on race day.  Its our job as a race team to introduce our sponsors products and promote their products.  As a Grassroots rider you will have a chance to checkout our product, ask questions and try it out for yourself.  We offer discounts on product and in the end help our riders achieve their racing goals one on one.  Our 30 years of pro level racing experience is available to any of our riders and the great part, its only a conversation away. 

Anyone interested our KR4 Grassroots program can sign up online today and receive the following;

  • Rocky Mountain ATV/MC/KR4/FAR Team Graphics Kits for $120 ($190 Value)
  • Rider Profile on our Website, direct future sponsors to your own personal page
  • 20% OFF KR4 Suspension Work
  • 20% OFF KR4 Motor Work
  • 20% OFF Rocky Mountain ATV/MC/KR4/FAR Team Shirts and Apparel
  • Trackside Support, Parking and Race Course Spotter Assistance
  • Test-N-Tune with our mechanic at our track.