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Steve Hatch Racing Sale

Saturday, November 29, 2014 | 10:20 PM

We at Steve Hatch Racing are pleased to offer some killer discounts to kick off the Holiday Shopping Season. We would really appreciate it if you could share our special Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on your website 

Happy Holidays!!!

Steve Hatch Racing Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

Steve Hatch Racing has you covered with four great options to make any rider’s holidays brighter and 2015 riding season more enjoyable. From the avid enthusiast to the ferocious competitor, we have the perfect gift for you or any dirtbike rider in your family! 

Attention all adrenaline seekers, trail riders, and weekend warriors who love to ride and want to improve!

Steve Hatch’s Riding Technique DVD Collection 

Consider giving your favorite rider a wealth of knowledge this holiday season with the complete Steve Hatch’s Riding Technique DVD Collection. We are pleased to offer you special Black Friday pricing on the entire set, Volumes 1-8.  Every installment features 10 video clips that will help you or your loved one master every technique you need to take your riding to the next level.  Each 3-6 minute lesson breaks down the fundamentals into bite-sized, easy to master steps that will have you eating up the trail and leaving your buddies in the dust in no time. Learn these techniques:

Volume #1
Body Positioning, Starts, Braking, Rear Brake Turning, Corners, Uphill, Downhill, Ruts, Sand Turns, and Rocks

Volume #2
Grinding, Wheelies, Log Crossing, Ollies, Seat Hop, Berms, Pulling Back, Line Selection, Table Top Jump, and Fly Away Jump

Volume #3
Kicker Jump, Ravine Jump, Double Jump into Corner, Double Jump Using Seat Hop, Scrub on a Drop Off, Logs - The Fast Way, Rolling Rocks, Sweeper Turns, and Silt Turn

Volume #4
180-Degree Turns, Shale Hill Climbs, Seat Hop Logs, Seat Hop Trail Doubles, Line Options, Climbing Rock Walls, Turn Around on a Hill, Rock Jump Obstacle, Root Jump Uphill, and Sideways Log Crossing

Volume #5
Over Log Sideways, Uphill Line Selection, Terrain Jump, Tight Corner Line, Off-camber Rut Turn, Tight Trees, Waterbar Obstacle, Keeping Feet on the Pegs, Front Wheel Landing, and Rear Brake Usage

Volume #6
Wheelie into Wall, Acceleration Bumps, Sand Before Hill, Tricky Sand Turn, Leg Up and Out, Drop-off Ravine, Wheelie Exit, Corner Exit, Sand Straightaway, and Jump into Corner.

Volume #7
Double Ravine, Natural Double, Body Positioning and Corners, Light-Heavy in Roots, Triple Tree Root, Rut Around Tree, Really Tight Trees, Hard Hairpin Rut, Downhill Braking, and Uphill Attack.

Volume #8
Finish Tight Rut, Ditch Ollie, Wet Grass Turn, Lines with Roots, Double-Double, Uphill Tree Roots, Log Pile Jump, Deep Mud Rut, Drag Rear Brake, Pivot On Exit

Usually $185 - now only $99 Click here to order:

Special 2-Day Camp in Ithaca, New York 2015

Has your rider been extra good this year? You can practically put Steve under the tree this Christmas with a special 2-day camp! Learn firsthand the skills to become the best you can be with one of the most sought-after and systematized trainers in the industry. Over two days in beautiful upstate New York, learn the culmination of Steve’s 18 years as a professional off-road racer as he personally observes, instructs, and offers suggestions for taking your riding to new heights. All riders, from those new to the sport to seasoned pros will gain a wealth of knowledge. Whether you want to be safer, more skilled, or faster, this camp cannot be missed!

The camp will be held sometime between May and September 2015. Dates will be finalized based upon input from participants.

Already a great deal at $350 per rider, we are offering Black Friday pricing for only $175! Hurry, space is limited and this pricing is only good from 11/26 – 12/2. Click here to sign up: 

Calling all racers who want to win!

If you or a loved one are seriously interested in stepping up your race program and getting on the podium more often, Steve Hatch Racing is the best choice out there! We have worked with the best riders in the industry, and we are interested in adding you to our elite roster. With the start of the 2015 season getting closer every day, now is the perfect time to make the right choices. Give the gift of improved technique, confidence, and race results this holiday season and save now with special Black Friday discounts on these two invaluable services:

Steve Hatch’s Planning for Podiums Program:

A SHR trade secret reserved for the sport’s elite, the Planning for Podiums Program is now available to the public! The Planning for Podiums Program is an in-depth, all-inclusive evaluation of the rider’s entire racing, training, and mental program. The process starts with a thorough questionnaire that asks the rider to share strengths, weaknesses, goals, etc. Verbalizing these key points are the first step in making progress for the rider, and it allows Steve Hatch to go through and make tweaks, suggestions, and changes to get the program completely dialed-in for you. Includes:

  • Extensive questionnaire evaluation establishes starting-point and gives Steve the details to personally help you setup your best possible program for 2015.

  • One-hour personalized phone call with Steve Hatch to discuss and clarify key points and to set the frame-work for a revitalized 2015 program.

  • 10-page Individualized Action Plan sets you up for success with all details to help make 2015 your best race season yet.

    Need more proof that the Planning for Podiums Program is a must-have item? Check out what Motocross/Supercross/GNCC star Ryan Sipes has to say about it:

    I’ve worked with many coaches over my 11 year professional career, but none have been better than Steve Hatch.  I’ve worked with Steve for six years now, and he has been incredibly helpful in every aspect of practicing, racing, and the mental approach to it all.  What is maybe the best part of his program is the way he evaluates the problem or issue, and then teaches you how to plan your program to work on specific details and "get over the hump".  Being a team owner/racer now, I find myself using his techniques to get the best result out of a possibly sticky situation.  I wouldn’t be where I am now without his help and guidance!

    Usually $499, now only $249 (November 25th to December 2nd). To ensure high-specialized quality, this program is limited to the first 25 riders. Click here: 

    Fully Customized SHR Program

    Do you really want to turn up your performance for 2015?  If you are all-in, so are we! Fully Customized SHR Programs are available for the upcoming season in VERY limited quantities. Enjoy full access to Steve Hatch and take advantage of every trade secret he has to offer. These programs offer complete training, nutritional, riding, and mental guidance from Steve himself, so you know you have a strong asset in your corner.

    Here are a few riders that we have been lucky enough to work with to help them achieve their full potential. Their results and accomplishments speak for the tremendous benefits a custom SHR Program can offer:

    Ryan Sipes, Kailub Russell, Taylor Robert, Bob Kiniry, Cody Webb, Max Gerston, Justin Soule’, Nate Kanney, Paul Carpenter, Austin Burns, Kyle Summers, Eric Bailey, Dave Broderick, Gary Sutherland, Grant Baylor, Nick Davis, Grant Maryott, Colby Davis, Mike Stryker, Brad Warren, Tyler Trammel, Jubal Brown, Ian Blythe and many more.

    Special Black Friday offer: half-off first 3 months on a 12-month Fully Custom SHR Program. Call us and discuss to find a custom program that fits your needs to achieve your goals! Limited to 7 riders for 2015.[email protected]