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KR4 Supplement Race Report From The John Penton

Sunday, June 15, 2014 | 2:25 PM

KR4 is pleased to issue a supplement to the recently published John Penton Press Release. Due to a slight bobble in the management department (figures!) we failed to give kudos for standout performances in each of the youth, 10 o’clock, and pro event race reports. The “building champions” theme was meant to contrast adversity with success and we left out the success – especially how proud we are to have had Nick Davis get ON THE PODIUM!

Youth Race:

In the youth race Grant Davis, despite a sore arm from a recent practice crash, made like a bullet again and rode his heart out to get another second place finish. On the first lap Grant had trouble and came around in 3rd place. From there he burned up the track to actually have three faster laps than the winner of the race in the five remaining laps to the finish. Grant is only eight points out of 1st place in the 65cc (7-9) championship.

Colin Keegan - KR4 250B Rider
Colin Keegan - KR4 250B Rider Photo: Courtesy of KR4

Jamie Baskerville actually led the first two laps of his seven lap race in the 85cc (12-13) class. Jamie put in some blistering lap times but ran into trouble having a flat front tire happen later in the race. This obviously slowed him down but Jamie reacted to what had happened to him and forged on to finish 3rd. Jamie’s season ending hopes are alive as he is in a three-way tie for 2nd in the championship.

KR4 Youth Results:

·         Grant Davis: 65cc (7-9)   - 2nd

·         Jamie Baskerville: 85cc (12-13)   - 3rd

·         Peyton Whipkey: 65cc (10-11)   - 3rd

·         Brian Keegan: 85cc (7-11)   - 7th

·         Brandon Keegan: Supermini (12-13)   - 16th

·         Logan Theakston: 85cc (7-11)   - DNS

·         Korie Steede: Girls (8-15)   - DNS

10 o’clock race:

In the 10 o’clock race Brittan Laird had his best finish of the year netting a 2nd place in the highly competitive 200C Schoolboy (12-15) class. The racing is always intense in this class however the usual leader is “strangely” about three minutes faster than the next ten racers. Standard practice is to ignore this “picking” activity and concentrate on the racers who are competitive with each other. The race went down to the wire as Brittan was in 3rd place right up to the last lap but pulled off a 2nd at the finish.

Nick Davis - KR4 XC2 Rider gets up and reacts to what happened to him which yields a podium finish at the 2014 John Penton
Nick Davis - KR4 XC2 Rider gets up and reacts to what happened to him which yields a podium finish at the 2014 John Penton Photo: Courtesy of KR4

We’d also like to give honorable mention to Chuppa, as in Albert Chuppa and not the chupacabra Blake Baggett of Pro Circuit Kawasaki. Chuppa finished 2nd in the Elite Masters (65+) class.

Another honorable mention goes out to Will Sharp who had his best finish of the year. Will is new to the offroad racing world and comes from a background in trials completion. Will finished 7th in the Open C College 14-21 class.

KR4 10 O’clock Bike Results:

·         Brittan Laird: 200C Schoolboy (12-15)   - 2nd

·         Albert Chuppa: Elite Masters (65+)   - 2nd  

·         George Molnar: Super Senior B (45+)   - 3rd

·         Conner Keegan: 200C Schoolboy (12-15)   - 5th

·         Brook Cosner: WXC   - 6th

·         Will Sharp: Open C College  (14-21) – 7th

·         Karlynn Beam: WXC   - 9th

·         Erek Kudla: Sportsman A – 18th

Pro Race:

In the afternoon pro race Colin Keegan finished 2nd in the 250 B class and continues to chip away at the championship leader in the overall standings. Colin is in a solid 2nd place in the championship standings and if not for adversity in the first two races of the year where he finished 13th and 19th, which he is overcoming! - he would easily have a lock on 1st as he has a total of four wins to the championship leader’s two.

Brittain Laird - KR4 200 C Schoolboy 12-15 Rider
Brittain Laird - KR4 200 C Schoolboy 12-15 Rider Photo: Courtesy of KR4

In closing, we are going to let the pictures speak for themselves as we end this Press Release Supplement. The elation for Nick’s 2nd place in the XC2 race is beyond words for him, his family, and the KR4 team. Nick’s original 2014 program called for him to contest the XC1 class – but the guy is only 19 years old! Nick is an obvious championship contender for the XC2 class and although too late to achieve that this year, he will continue to strive for wins this year and a championship next year.

Will Sharp - KR4 Open College C 14-21 Rider
Will Sharp - KR4 Open College C 14-21 Rider Photo: Courtesy of KR4

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