GNCC Racing

Competition Bulletin 2013-1

Thursday, May 2, 2013 | 3:20 PM

Contact: Jeff Canfield

[email protected]


TO:                          ATV Youth Riders
FROM:                    GNCC RACING
DATE:                      May 2, 2013
SUBJECT:                COMPETITION BULLETIN 2013-1 ATV Youth Start Procedure       

The GNCC Amateur Rules, Section F.3, provides:  GNCC is a dead engine start.

However, it has been the past practice in the ATV Youth division to allow for a live engine start.  The reason for this exception was the proliferation of pull engine machines at the time the youth division was developed.  Since that time, new technology has developed and most machines are now kick start or automatic.

Accordingly, commencing with the 5th round, the Mammoth, the ATV Youth division will be dead engine start, with the exception of the 70 CVT and 90 Limited classes.

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