GNCC Racing

Final 2013 Rules & Classes Posted

Monday, January 28, 2013 | 11:00 AM
Following the discussion at the GNCC Banquet rules meeting this month, the Racer Productions group has finalized the 2013 GNCC Rules, National Classes and all-new ATV Class Detail Chart, which are now posted on the GNCC website.
Noted changes come in the UTV rulebook, clarifying the proper specs for fire suits: “SFI 3.2/5 Dual-layer fire suit (1 or 2-piece jacket/pants), or an undergarment with a TPP value of 6 AND an SFI Single-layer fire suit (1 or 2-piece jacket/pants).”Â
The ATV class detail chart has been revised as well, so be sure to check your respective class within the chart to avoid confusion about which model is eligible to race.
Additionally, there was a change in the UTV and 50cc Micro schedule, now running 50cc Micros at The Limestone 100 and UTV racing will take place at The John Penton. To view the full 2013 schedule, click HERE.

National Classes

Class Detail Chart

Pro Rules

Amateur Rules

UTV Rules

50cc Micro Rules