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Thunderlite News

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 | 1:45 PM

Thunderlite, the non-stick fender liners which go on your bike or ATV to help reduce the chances of mud sticking, just sent us this update. Anthony "Thunder", who runs the company, is planning a big prescence at the GNCCs in 2009.

Anthony Presby of Thunderlite is planning a big presence this years GNCC series. Anthony joked "Thunderlite will have its Helmet Gaurd on sale at the races to pay for the new semi." Buy Factory Direct, and save 25 percent. Helmet guard comes in a set of 3, 9"x10" peel and stick mud guards' $15.00 per set. Use what the Pros use and keep your helmet chip free!! Go to check it out, or call customer service 440-785-6980 to order now and get free shipping!!