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Team FMF Am-Pro Yamaha For 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009 | 9:45 AM

Team AM-Pro, FMF Yamaha is again ready to take on the racing season. After a very successful 2008 season (5 Championships) the team has been assesmbled and is poised to go after championships in each series once again. This year the team in going to be spread in different races throughout the country to get more exposure for the team and sponsors.

Randy Hawkins again heads up the team. With his experience of 7 AMA National Championships he will continue to help the  team utilizing his vast knowledge to help the riders achieve their goals. He will ride select events, but his main goal is to help the riders and team win championships and be successful in every aspect.

Barry Hawk
is healthy and ready to tackle 2009 following a few injuries in 2008 that held him back for most of the year. The 7-Time GNCC ATV Champion and 2003 GNCC Bike Champion is training hard and preparing for his assault on the 2009 GNCC series, which will be his main foucus. Barry is always a contender no matter where the race and conditions. Look for a solid year from the Yamaha vetran aboard his WR 450F.
Series Competing: GNCC
Bike: WR 450F
Class: XC1

Thad Duvall
is going to be starting his first full year in the XC1 class. After a dominating championship run in the XC2 class in 2008, Thad now only 19 years old is ready to make the next step in his career and chase the GNCC XC 1 Championship aboard his WR450F. Thad has the speed to win and look for him to be a serious contender at each and every round of the series.
Series Competiting: GNCC
Bike: WR 450F
Class: XC1

Jason Raines is making some changes in his program this year and is going to be tackling different obstacles. The 5-Time AMA Hare Scrambles Champion is shifting his focus and will be concentrating on the AMA Endurocross Series and that AMA National Enduros in 2009. He will ride select National Hare Scrambles and GNCC races that do not conflict with his main series'. Look for Jason to be a title contender in both series' he will be chasing.
Series Competiting: AMA Endurocross, AMA National Enduro
Bike: WR 250F, WR 450F
Class: Pro (National Enduro), Expert (Endurocross)

Kyle Redmond is the newest member of the Am-Pro family. Kyle is a multi talented rider that really excells in the tough, technical races. The 2 time Top American at the infamous Erzberg Rodeo race knows how to ride the toughest obstacles on the planet as shown in his 2 time apperances in the Red Bull Romaniacs event and the Red Bull Last Man Satnding race. He will be contending the AMA Endurocross series and will bring his experience and knowledge of riding the Endurocross races to the Am-Pro team.
Series Competiting: AMA Endurocross
Bike: WR 250F
Class: Expert

Joe Scherer, the 2008 GNCC Open A class and Endurocross Night Race champion will continue with the AM-Pro team. Joe is a tough rider that gets faster each year and 2009 looks to be his best so far. Joe will compete in the Endurocross and GNCC series aboard the Am-Pro machines. Joe looks to repeat his Championship in the GNCC Open A class and will be a threat in the Endurocross series.
Series Competiting: AMA Endurocross, GNCC
Bike: WR 450F, WR 250F
Class: Open A (GNCC), Expert (Endurocross)

Ryan Belue
is starting his 2nd year with the team and after winning the 4-Stroke B-Lites championship in 2008, the 16 year old will be moving up in class for 2009. He is getting stronger and faster each season and he will be a title contender this year in the 4-Stroke A-Lites class. He will also be traveling the country with his teammates chasing a Open 4-Stroke class championship in the Endurocross series.
Series Competiting: GNCC, AMA Endurocross
Bike: WR250F
Class: 4 Stroke A-Lites (GNCC), Open 4-Stroke (endurocross)

Make sure to keep an eye on our NEW team site at for all the race results and latest happenings.

Thank you to all of our team sponsors for all their support and we look for a very succsessful 2009!

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