GNCC Racing

Klotz Report from Ironman

Monday, November 10, 2008 | 12:00 AM

Klotz Press Release:

Another Great Year for Klotz Users!

Ballance Wins his 9th GNCC Championship!
Crawfordsville, IN -- Klotz Racer Bill Ballance has clinched his 9th GNCC Championship by over 40 points, so there can be no question that he is King! Despite intense competition in the 2008 Klotz Ironman, and losing his goggles part way through the race, Ballance was able to stay with the leaders and finish 3rd, less than 3 seconds behind the leader.

"I thought we had it won, but I couldn't see that well; Chris [Borich] was really throwing it on me." commented Ballance. "I took a line that I thought looked pretty good, but it turned out to be a terrible line and I almost got stuck."

Ballance did capture the ITP Holeshot Award, and based on his consistency and focus, that is no surprise.

Klotz congratulates Bill Ballance on his record-setting 9th GNCC Championship!

Cecco Wins her 7th GNCC Championship!
Crawfordsville, IN -- Despite early trouble, Klotz Racer Traci Cecco was able to pull off the victory which will put a 7th GNCC Championship trophy in her case.

"... I got a bad start, I hit a tree on the first lap, and then Angel [Atwell] and I came together in a field; I couldn't believe it, we were locked. She got out ahead of me, but I just told myself to calm down and take my time. I managed to pass her and it was looking good, but then I went over the bars on the last lap. I'm just so relieved right now."

Cecco had one heck of a race.

Congratulations Traci Cecco on your 7th GNCC Title!