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Message From Fasst Company

Friday, October 31, 2008 | 12:00 AM

October 29, 2008-Press Release-
Long Beach, CA
Contact: Fasst Company;
[email protected]

It has come to Fasst Company’s attention that ATV Four-Play is offering for sale the Soft Bar ATV handlebar that appears to infringe Fasst Company’s U.S. patent # 6,860,500.  Fasst Company has spent considerable time and money researching and developing the design and functionality of the extremely popular Flexx Handlebar System.  Through our intellectual property law firm, Knobbe, Martens, Olson and Bear LLP, Fasst Company has also invested significant resources in obtaining intellectual property protection for the Flexx Handlebar System, including the 6,860,500 patent.
Fasst Company wishes to make clear to the industry that it has not licensed ATV Four-Play under the 6,860,500 patent nor has it condoned the blatant copying of the Flexx Handlebar System by ATV Four-Play.
“Sometime Tuesday our phone and email systems became overwhelmed with calls and emails from customers, racers, dealers, and industry associates concerning ATV Four-Play’s deliberate copying of our Flexx Handlebar. It is a great complement to us as a company to know we have such great support from our loyal customers and industry associates.  Obviously these people realize the care and sacrifice we make to bring authentic original products to market and were concerned by such a lack of respect for Fasst Company and our intellectual property,” said Cole Townsend, Fasst Company’s President.  “Our technology and customer service along with our commitment to only manufacture our products in the United States out of the best materials is what separates our company and handlebar from everyone else’s. It is unfortunate that we have to take action, but we will protect our technology by any means required.”Â

Based on the striking similarity between the Soft Bar and the Flexx Handlebar, ATV Four-Play’s activities appear to be a willful disregard of Fasst Company’s intellectual property rights. ATV Four-Play has shown a lack of respect for Fasst Company, our patent, and traditional notions of fair play. Their actions are unauthentic and disingenuous to the ATV industry and enthusiasts as a whole. Although imitation is a form of flattery, in the context of patent infringement it is also a form of stealing. ATV Four-Plays actions are unacceptable and Fasst Company will not stand for them.
Fasst Company is currently assessing its options for response to ATV Four-Play’s willful disregard of Fasst Company’s intellectual property rights.
Fasst Company
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About Fasst Company:
Fasst Company is a rider driven company, made up of racers stemming 3 generations. Our mission is to provide customers with 100% American Products that add value to their racing programs, while offering the best customer service in the industry”¦period.