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ISDE Day Update: Day Three

Thursday, September 4, 2008 | 12:00 AM

Bad news for Team USA at the ISDE. Team Captain Kurt Caselli crashed hard on Day 3 and suffered a concussion, and now he's out of the event. That's a tough blow for Kurt, who was leading the race overall after Day 1, and then suffered a 60-second penalty on Day 2 but was still in fifth overall (with a possible change on the penalty pending). Now that he is out, the team is still running a solid third overall in the World Trophy Division, but with only five riders, they have no room for error.

Caselli's should be fine long-term from the concussion, but he won't be able to ride for the rest of the event. That's sad for him. Good luck to the rest of the riders for the rest of the week.