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Quick Fill #33 .... This Week in GNCC

Thursday, August 21, 2008 | 12:00 AM

Welcome to Quick Fill. We’re getting closer.

The GNCC Crew was back at Snowshoe this week developing our next GNCC round, and now we have actual proof of how the course will actually look.

Check out the course map and then the facility map to see what's what and what's where. The GNCC trail is outlined in yellow, and as you can see, it winds its way up against a lot of hotel buildings and condos (in black). The course cuts off once for Youth, and again for the AM race, as only the afternoon races will run the big loop all the way at the top of the map. We’d say there’s roughly double the track side pitting and parking that we had last year. Enjoy!

We’re also working on the starting procedure for the race. Last year, all the racers drew random numbers to determine which row they were on. That meant all the classes were mixed together. This year, a lot of you have said it can really effect/affect the points standings in your class if you end up drawing a row 30 spots back from your competition. So, this year, we are going to try creating rows with the top five and top ten of each class. For example, we may start the top 5 riders in points of the Four-Stroke C Open class in row 15, and then riders ranked 6-10 in that class in row 16. This should keep things even for those battling for a championship.

Of course, this is in the preliminary stages, but we’ve got scoring master Dan Reinhart on the case, and so far he’s handled every challenge we’ve thrown at him.

Things will look like this on the start again.

What else is happening? Well, check out our Tuesday Toolbox for an interview with Carey Daku of Warnert Racing Can-Am. That team is determined to get to the front of the pack and live up to the potential they had at the beginning of the season.

Here’s a letter:

Paul Whibley showed up at a KY State Championship race over the weekend and mopped up the competition to claim the overall prize money. I ask one racer’s father how his son was doing and his reply was, "He's running second. Paul Whibley is winning...Fastest rider IN THE WORLD!"

Paul's work ethic and motivation to win has no limits as his fan base grows. He is very well thought of in our neck of the woods. And although fastest rider in the world could be’san idea worthentertaining.


Alan Westerfield

In the ATV ranks, Team KTM has already headed to Europe to compete in the 12 Hours of Pont du Vaux this weekend. With Tim Farr, Adam McGill and Taylor Kiser racing, they’re got a good shot at winning this one for the USA!

McGill is racing in France.

Another top pro did some traveling, but not as far as Europe.’s Jarrod McClure headed out to Washington and raced a WORCS Event, and he finished second! That’s the best pro finish of Jarrod’s career, and what’s more he did it on a Suzuki he had never ridden before. Click here for his race report.

We have some bad news here. Many of you may know the Arbogast family from the races. Tammy works our sign-up table and Corey races bikes. Tammy and three kids were in a terrible car accident last week. Corey was not in the wreck, but Tammy and the rest of the group all had to be flown to Ruby Hospital here in Morgantown. It looks like everyone will eventually be okay, but it will be a long and painful road back for them. We’re just lucky to still have them with us, so keep them in your thoughts for the next few weeks.

Weekend Warrior, a sponsor of our tour and the maker of great trailers and RVs for the races, has closed its doors. For those of you who still have Weekend Warrior trailers or equipment, here’s some info that may help you out:

For Immediate Release:

An ex-Warrior General Manager has taken the opportunity to create a new business catering specifically to the brands customers who may be feeling a little left out in the cold after the company's demise.

Without wasting a second, Larry Broyles has conceived and opened "Warrior Lifestyles RV Store", a Weekend Warrior and Ragen certified parts and service center that will offer all current and obsolete RV parts, as well as on site, certified service out of their Perris, CA location. Warrior Lifestyles will also offer a new website;, which will make the entire RV parts catalog available to everyone, everywhere.

The closing of Warrior Manufacturing has been a major shock to the RV community. However, Warrior Lifestyles aims to continue serving the thousands of valuable Weekend Warrior and Ragen customers out there who still want to keep their trailers looking great. Please check out for more information.

Yes, news is a little light this week on Quick Fill, but by next week a lot of riders will be back into their training and racing programs, so we’ll start checking in with them. Yes, sad news, kids, summer is just about over. It’s time to get back to work!

Good job, Jarrod.
Harlen Foley photo