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Quick Fill #32...This Week in GNCC

Thursday, August 14, 2008 | 12:00 AM

Welcome to Quick Fill. We’re within a month”¦.

Hope you’re ready to go racing again, because we sure are. Our track crew headed to Snowshoe last week to scout some trails, and they came back raving about some major improvements they can make to the facility this year. Lieutenant Trail Boss Buren Hamrick said he has focused the changes on the two major sore spots from last year:

A) Better variety of trails (less gravel road)

B) More trackside pitting and parking.

So Buren went to work along with the folks at Snowshoe to make a better plan. The idea of a 25-mile loop has been eliminated for good, because it just doesn’t give you folks enough laps to pit and to watch the racers. So we’ll stick with the standard 10-mile track length, which should lead to the standard 30-minute lap.

Snowshoe will still look cool, but now it should be more raceable and parkable.
Hooper photo

Last year, we used trails that Snowshoe suggested, and we had to use a lot of gravel roads and high-speed sections to get into the real trails down in the woods. This year, they’re letting us cut our own trails, so that means we can use loops through the woods instead of gravel road. The result is better trails and more trackside pitting, because Buren is making sure to connect the trails to various parking areas.

For a detailed idea of what to expect, open up this Snowshoe Map, and follow along:

We’ll now have trails connecting to the hotel and parking areas on the left side of the map. Buren says: “We will have trails connecting us to the ski slopes over by Silver Creek. They have open area for RVs and even a few hookups. And if you stay at Silver creek, you’ll have a parking spot trackside. Then the track will go over to Camp 4, and the track will keep going that direction, over to Powder Ridge, and then Shamrock, Whistlepunk, Powder Monkey all the way to top of the world.”Â

So basically, if you stay at any of those places, you will have trackside pitting.

Buren continued. “This year we will not cross over the road by Silver Creek, and we will not have two miles of gravel roads. When we cross the road after the start, we will turn right, and hit woods and trails, until you zig zag across the ski slope. We won’t be in the gravel.”Â

Other notes: The Youth tracks will have a lot more woods, probably 4 to 4.5 miles of good trail will be available this year, and we’ll use it. The Youth track will go to Camp 4, but it will not go all the way to Silver Creek, so if you’re a Youth racer, try to stay somewhere between Camp 4 and Top Of The World.

If you have a big RV you can park at Top of the World, but you’re better off parking at Silver Creek so you don’t have to drive all the way to the top of the mountain.

Finally, Buren wrapped it up with this: “This ain’t gonna’ be no easy trail ride, this is still gonna’ be a Blackwater style race. It’s got some mudholes if you wanna’ dive in a mudhole. We took most of those gravel roads out, but the trails, they’ll be good, technical trails. You’ll have roots and rocks. It will be tough.”Â

Buren and Howard Russell will be cutting in more trail beginning next Tuesday, so we’ll have more details soon. Basically, we learned a lot from our first year at Snowshoe, and we hope to make a much better event this year. It’s not unlike the Wisp race. That took a few years to get right, but in the end it became one of the most popular races on the tour.

The track crew is deep in the woods working at Snowshoe.
Weigandt photo

So what are the racers up to during the summer break? We have some updates. First, Cory Buttrick and Walker Fowler returned to their Christian Academy Motocross Camp to work as instructors. Here’s a letter from Cory’s mom, Valorie:

Hi Jason.

I am sending you a picture of the 2008 Round Lake Christian Academy Motocross Camp.GNCC former youth bike champions and now big bike riders and pals since their 65 days, Cory Buttrick and Walker Fowler, were instructors again this year and had a wonderful time. The turn out was great and the weather was awesome. Just thought you would like to know what some of the riders are doing during their break besides riding, racing and training.

Thanks to Todd Mount (Sr. B Class) and his son Austin (200 C Schoolboy Class) for getting these two boys involved in this camp experience.


Walker (on the Yamaha) and Cory B (on the right side KTM).

Good stuff from a pair of GNCC Youth Champions. Our current GNCC Youth Champ, Steward Baylor, is still racing.

Here’s an update:

This weekend Steward and Grant Baylor joined forces to take the Youth Overall at the 6-hour SORCS Team race in Tennessee. They were only 1 1/2 minutes from being 4 laps ahead of the rest of the field. They completed a total of 37 laps for 148 miles.The next morning, they rode the 8-hour adult race on a 4-man team with their dad and Trey Welborn, for 6th place in the Open-Expert Class. What's neat about that is that Trey's dad and Big Stu's dad (Grandad Baylor) used to race together when their boys were small!

AND...Steward speaks with Fastway's Brian Elliot earlier this week. See the interview at


As for our GNCC Champion, David Knight, he was out racing and winning again, this time at the FunEnduro in Mexico.

David Knight Results Service
Red Bull KTM Off Road Race Team

7th FunEnduro International, Vale De Bravo, Mexico, 8/10.8.2008

Knight wins ’08 FunEnduro in Mexico

From the World Enduro Championship’s GP of Wales to the FunEnduro in Mexico. US GNCC series points leader David Knight continued to keep himself busy during his summer break by traveling to Vale De Bravo, Mexico to compete in the seventh running of the FunEnduro International ”“ an enduro style race with an International Six Days Enduro format, which includes both time checks and timed special tests.

Not knowing quite what to expect from the event having never competed in Mexico before, Knight soon found that he was participating in one of the best supported event’s he’s ever raced in. With countless thousands of spectators turning out to encourage the 400 competing riders, Knight quickly established a healthy lead during the first day’s competition before going on to claim a comfortable victory.

Ending the first day’s competition close to 25 seconds ahead of his nearest rival, Knight found competing in Vale De Bravo to be an unforgettable experience. Racing at extremely high altitude, like all riders, Knight’s bike was noticeably down on power. But it was the ever-changing grip levels of the Mexican terrain that proved hardest to master, especially during the morning of the second day’s competition following heavy overnight rain.

With the event ending with an ISDE style final motocross, Knight delivered a race winning performance, despite making a poor start. Quickly working his way up to third the defending US GNCC champion needed just half a lap to move into the lead before going on to win by around 20 seconds. Knight’s eventual winning margin was close to 45 seconds with home rider Homero Diaz second and Spaniard Ivan Cervantes third.

David Knight:“I’ve had a great time in Mexico. I’ve never been involved in an event where there are so many spectators. It was unbelievable how many people came to watch the race ”“ more that I’ve ever seen. Of course it’s great to have won but it was also important for me to compete this year as there will be a World Championship event here next year.

“Because the event was held as such altitude the bikes were really down on power, which took some getting used to. The first day went well. I opened up a pretty good lead during the first two laps and then won a couple of tests on the third lap along with Ivan. I think I was about 25 seconds ahead at the end of the first day.

“Day two was really slippery because of the heavy ran we had at the end of day one. Where there was grass on the tests it was fine but everywhere was like riding on ice ”“ it was really hard to get used to. In the final motocross I got a really bad start but managed to work my way up to third in the first few corners. About half way around the first lap I was leading and I then managed to open up about a 20 second lead.

“I’m not sure exactly how much I won by but I think it was about 45 seconds. Racing in Mexico was a great experience, and the FunEnduro is a great event. I’ve never signed so many autographs and had so many photos taken, it was an amazing trip.”Â

Results ”“ ’08 FunEnduro, Mexico
1. David Knight (Red Bull KTM Off Road Team)
2. Homero Diaz (Husqvarna)
3. Ivan Cervantes (KTM)

Hmmm. Did Knight just say he’ll be racing in Mexico next year because it’s a World Championship race? I think he did.

Here’s an update form a local newspaper on Indiana’s up-and-coming A Class rider, Jake Fiddler. Click here.

Charlie Mullins decided to go race a WORCS race at Washougal Washington last weekend and put in a phenomenal performance. ”˜Ole Hot Rod crashed in the first turn but came storming back from last to first. Charlie is bad fast, no doubt. He raced an RM-Z450 in that race and rumor has it he may be on one when the GNCCs resume in September. Charlie is too talented to not get his game back together at some point””he could be winning races again before long.

Mullins story is very similar to Chris Borich on ATVs. Borich won a race early in the season and then started struggling, but then he stormed back to win the overall at our last GNCC in Pennsylvania. Borich has been racing over the summer. But he’s racing in his Sprint Car! Chris has actually been tinkering with the oval track stuff for a little bit now, but this is his first full season and he’s going strong. Of course, as soon as Chris finished off the podium a few times this year in the GNCCs, pundits started saying “He’s already moving to car racing.” But then he goes out and wins in Somerset! Anyway, I found a great story in a Pennsylvania newspaper on Chris trying his hand at Sprint Cars. And don’t worry, it sounds like he’s going to be an ATV racer for a long time.

"I like the quad better," says Borich. "The sprint car is good, but you can't really make a living doing it, unless you're in the Outlaws. I'm glad I'm doing it, though, because a lot of people around here don't know what I do with the quad."

Here’s the link to the full story.

And here’s a video clip I found of Borich racing in his sprint car! Click here.

Borich sprinting on his other four wheeler.
Hooper photo

Summer Break Re-Cap
Team Off Camber Racing - Pro Moto Billet - Fastway

Summer break has flown by and while most of the Off Camber Racing/Pro Moto Billet/Fastway team has enjoyed a little break from the GNCC series, Mandi Mastin has still been on the bike, racing periodically throughout the summer, preparing for the International Six Day Enduro in Greece, September 1-6.

During the 8th round of the GNCC Series, in Yadkinville, North Carolina, defending Womens Champion Mandi Mastin sustained a knee injury. Initially, doctors thought that the injury was minor and only being two months prior to the start of the ISDE, they would be able to surgical repair the injury and all would be fine. As more tests were concluded, it appears that the ACL is possibly torn and with such a short time frame, surgery before the ISDE was not an option. Over the course of the past 2 months, Mandi has undergone intense physical therapy and training to build the muscles around the knee and is currently experimenting with different knee braces, positions and supports. “My goals for the remainder of the year are to first, go to the ISDE in Greece and as a team bring back the Women’s World Championship. After that, when I return, I will see my doctor again, get re-examined and do another MRI and determine the best course of action. Ultimately, I have to start thinking about next year and making sure that surgery and rehab are done in a significant amount of time so that I can be well healed and ready for the beginning of the 2009 season. As of right now, I am still leading the Women’s’ class in two series; the National Enduro Series and the OMA Series. Being committed to my sponsor, I would still like to regain the Women’s GNCC Championship before calling an end to the 2008 season.”Â

Mandi’s races and results over the summer break:

June 28, 2008 OMA Series Mesick, Michigan 1st/Womens Class
July, 5, 2008 GNCC Series Somerset, Pennsylvania 4th/Womens Class
July 19, 2008 National Enduro Blaine, Pennsylvania 1st/Womens Class
August 3, 2008 National Enduro New Straitsville, Ohio 1st/Womens Class
August 10, 2008 OMA Series Carrollton, Ohio 1st/Womens Class

On August 25, 2008, Mandi will depart the United States of America for Serres Greece to participate in the 83rd International Six Days Enduro. The race starts on September 1, 2008 and continues on until September 6, 2008. This year the Women’s World Trophy Team consists of Mandi Mastin, Nicole Bradford and Maria Forsberg. To learn more about the race you can visit the official race website at During the race you can follow the progress of the Women’s World Trophy Team and the rest of Team USA at any of the following websites:

The next two weekends will be off weekends for the team. Mandi will continue preparing for the ISDE, while the rest of the team will be preparing for the 10th round of the GNCC Series on September 13-14, 2008 in Snowshoe, West Virginia. The team will introduce a new rider riding with the Off Camber Racing/Pro Moto Billet/Fastway/Klim/Yamaha stickers at this round. The Snowshoe was one of the most unique and spectacular GNCC race locations last year. To view more information of this historical race and premier series, you can log on to their webpage at

Off Camber Racing would like to thank all its sponsors; Pro Moto Billet and Fastway Performances, Klim, Rekluse, Yamaha, Maxxis, Bel-Ray, Dirttricks, Clarke Mfg., EBC Brakes, Works Connection, FMF, Steahly Off-Road, Scott, PG Graphics, Regina Chains, Factory Connection and Championship Powersports. Without the help of all these companies and the great people behind these products, our team would not be able to keep going out and winning every weekend!

Thanks, Mandi.

Amanda Mastin has a bad knee.

Speaking of the ISDE, we got a letter for a Woman reminding us all to donate to your favorite racer if you can. She read the letter on our site last week from Jim Conner.

Media (GNCC):

I read Jim’s letter and wanted to let all GNCC people know that he is a member of a ISDE USA Club team sponsored by GNCC Golden Master’s rider Tom Carter. Jim is riding on ISDE Club Team Carter Engineering in Greece. We drive the Carter Engineering truck to all races. It’s a Sprinter tricked out just for bikes & racing. Jim is one of three people on our team this year. The others are Justin Lipana also of Washington state and Annell Allen of Idaho. There are seven Club Teams and the Women’s Team with GNCC’s Mandy Mastin. The junior Trophy Team and the Trophy team making 34 people in all. The race is September 1 through the 7 in Serres, Greece. It’s in the northern part of Greece adjoining Croatia and Serbia. They all deserve support and our best wishes while riding the toughest race in the world. Think about it: Six days; 100+ miles per day for 10 to 12 hours a day with special motocross test thrown in about four times along the route every day. Our last year team member who shall remain nameless (Steve) said he never wanted to ride a motorcycle again or it would be a very long time till he did. He got over it but it was the experience of a lifetime.

We are not going to ISDE personally this year because of the expense but I can tell you it is one of the greatest motorcycling events I have ever witnessed. And I have been to a lot of them over 40 years! If you know anyone who is a rider for the USA at the ISDE give them what you can. The bills will be there when they get back home.


Sandy Carter
Franklin, Tennessee

Conner himself tuned in to make sure to include Dennis Decker and Jeff Fredette, also GNCC Racers, if you see them. And of course, the ISDE Trophy Team is ready to rock with big hitters Destry Abbott, Kurt Caselli, Ricky Dietrich, Jimmy Jarrett, Nathan Kanney and Nathan Woods. Should be an awesome ISDE this year for the Americans.

Just got word that one of the powerful WORCS teams is going to race some GNCCs next year. Off-road legend Charles Halcomb is sending his Valli Motorsports team to battle in Florida and Georgia next year,

I realize we have some time before the 09 GNCC series starts but just want to let you know our team and riders Bobby Bonds, Bobby Garrison & Kyle Summers are really looking forward to participating in your first two events. We just took delivery of our new 18 wheeler and anticipate a great season. Please save some room for us in the pits and look forward to a phenomenal year of racing.

- Charles Halcomb

Good stuff. Okay, that’s it for this week. Look for more Snowshoe info next week here on Quick Fill. Enjoy your weekend!