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Quick Fill #29 .... This Week in GNCC

Thursday, July 17, 2008 | 12:00 AM

Okay folks, GNCC summer break has begun. News is trickling in kind of slowly here. So intead of just trying to extend Quick Fill this week with stuff that's really not important, we're going to change it up and deliver the first-ever GNCC Retro Photo Report.

Earlier this week I walked into the back room here at the Racer Productions office and found a few small tubs of photos from back in the day. Most of it is from the late 1980s and early 1990s. I found more ATV stuff than bikes, but that's probably because the bike stuff was mixed in with these giant piles of motocross and supercross stuff, too. And everything from the mid-90's is on negatives, so I may just have to get some of those developed.

So in a minute, I'll share some of the cool pics that I found, most if which were shot by Davey Coombs. Before that, though, a few things:

Check out Jason Hooper's video covering the ATV race at Somerset last weekend. The video is up on the main page.

I made an error last week and said David Knight and Nathan Kanney were racing a World Enduro Championship round in Wales last weekend. Actually, they're racing in that race this weekend. So I'll have a report next week.

Don't forget to read Tuesday Toolbox with ATV trainer to the stars, Marc Spataro.

Make sure to write down the 2009 GNCC Dates which were posted right here in Quick Fill last week.

That is all. Now, onto the photos.

Here's the "finish line" at a GNCC at Sunday Creek (which is now known as The John Penton GNCC, but back then was called Burr Oaks.) Of course, there's not much of a finish line here, just a guy named Captain Russ handling the checkered flag.


Yeah! We have color! Here are the ATV pros doing battle.


Back then, the classes were small enough to run starting gates at the rounds that had them. Pretty sure this is High Point.


You know the guy with the funny southern accent that describes the track on the microphone at the beginning of each GNCC race? That's Leutenant Trail Boss Buren Hamrik. Here he is as a racer on the #139. Buren was a pretty fast A rider back in his time.


Many will tell you that '88, '90 and '91 GNCC ATV Champion Chuck Delullo was the most talented rider to ever throw his leg over an ATV. Here's Chuck in what I believe is 1989.



 Here's DeLullo in '88 on his distinctive Double-Zero Honda. He leads Suzuki rider Roy Dains. Roy's son Josh now races GNCC, and his brother, John, is the man behind Trackside Software, which is the scoring program we use to calculate results. This is a small racing world.


DeLullo's main championship rival was the late Bob "Ironman" Sloan. Sloan worked harder than anyone, and he claimed the '89 and '92 GNCC Titles.


There was so little money to be made racing GNCC back then that DeLullo retired on top and went back to the construction business. But Sloan had a new young rival to take on, this man on the #17, Barry Hawk.


Eventually Hawk took control, and this #1 plate stayed with him for a long time.


Steve Holbert was another contender in the late 80's, and he even won the infamous Blackwater 100 on a Honda 250X.


Here's Norm Bish at the Winter Place GNCC, which was held at a ski resort in West Virginia (sound familiar?) Bish was always there shadowing DeLullo and Sloan for wins. Bish was once sponsored by the powerhouse Brockway Honda shop, and eventually, he bought the place!


On the bike side, Scott Summers was the man to beat at this time. Here's a rare photo of Scott in JT gear--he did a lot of winning in AXO and Answer.


Here's a young Summers at the '89 GNCC Banquet. That's series' founder Dave Coombs to his left.


Summers had to fight past "Fast" Eddie Lojak to get the GNCC Title, and he finally broke through in 1990. Here's Lojak at the Winter Place race. The Lojak clan is still winning races, with Ryan taking the Youth Overall just two weeks ago in Somerset.


That's a pair of Suzuki Quad Sport 230s hung up on each other. Those were hot items back in 1985!


Utlity racing wasn't quite the same back when it started....

 If you folks like this retro thing, let me know and I'll dig up some more shots for next week. In the meantime, you bike racers can celebrate the history of this series with the latest issue of Dirt Bike Magazine, which names "America's Greatest Off-Road" in a variety of categories. Not only did our own Dave and Rita Coombs collect first and second on the all-time best promoters list, but the Blackwater 100 was named best race ever, and Scott Summers and Rodney Smith were ranked 1-2 on best Eastern Off-Road Riders list. Big thanks to DB Mag for the love!

We'll see you next week! Thanks for looking!