GNCC Racing

Paul Whibley Yadkinville Race Report

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 | 12:00 AM

Race Report: GNCC Rnd. 8, Yadkinville, NC
Rider: Paul Whibley
Team: FMF Suzuki
Bike: Suzuki RMZ 450
Result: 4th
I got a mid pack start and rounded the slippery first turn in about 8th. I moved up to about 6th I think before we hit the dusty woods.

The track was choppy and rough and the dust made it difficult to see the bumps so I rode tight for the first couple of laps.

Kurt Caselli (Defending WORCS series champion) made an appearance, and raced this event. I found myself behind him briefly on lap one before I squeezed passed entering a field section.

On the second lap I got stuck in a rut leaving a mud hole and lost a position to Jason Raines.  Kinda weird to be able to say I got stuck in mud in a dusty race.  After some pushing and a bit of help from Graham, Gordon Crockards' mechanic, (thanks Mate) I got going again.

During the fuel stop on lap three, I had some issues with the quickfull.  The dump can must of been damaged or broken cause it took ages to fill up the bike.  I was getting ancy and told them to take the dump can out.  I thought they started to pull out so I began to move off only for the can to get jammed in the tank, (sorry Chris).  I left the pits and noticed some fuel sitting on top of the drybreak.  I thought this was left over from fueling but it continued to slosh out from the tank.  I tried to push it down with my thumb while riding hoping that it would seat properly and stop leaking but all that happened was I got gas all over my gloves.  Soon I was covered in gas, my pants were soaked and my seat was slippery, my knee braces began to slide down and I began to wonder if I would need to make another fuel stop.  I took a drink from my drink system to discover that tasted like gas as well.  My bike began to run bad, I guess all that gas was spilling out the tank and running down to the airbox onto the airfilter.  It burbled and spluttered and I stalled the bike once, taking a lot of time to get it fired up again.  I signalled to Katherine that I needed to put the dust cover back on my bike to try and stop some gas coming out, so on the next pass through the pits I stopped to slap the cover back on.  It worked a little  but I think the damage was done, I had lost a lot of gas so on the last lap I stopped for a splash to ensure I made it to the finish.  After all the dramas I was too far behind the leader to make any further progress up the field.

I crossed the line in 4th place, not a podium finish but ok for a bad day. 
1st- J. Strang
2nd- C. Mullins
3rd- D. Knight
4th- P. Whibley
5th- G. Kearney