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Red Bull KTM Spartan GNCC Race Report

Monday, June 2, 2008 | 12:00 AM

Red Bull KTM GNCC Race Report: The Spartan

Sparta, KY - Red Bull KTM rider and current series point’s leader, David Knight, and his teammate Nate Kanney had a successful weekend at the seventh round of the GNCC series, both finishing inside the top five.


Kanney (116) and Knight (1) put two orange bikes into the top five.

Although it wasn’t the dominating race weekend most fans are used to seeing Knight pull off, he did start out well, rounding the first turn in 2nd place while Kanney was right behind in 3rd. For the first few laps, the two Red Bull KTM Factory riders stayed within the top three on this fast-paced course. At one point Knight escaped with the lead as he and Josh Strang battled back and forth for that front spot.

Unfortunately, around lap 4, Knight hit the ground hard after a big crash which knocked him back quite a few positions. He remounted, but was a little shaken from the crash and only managed to fight his way back into 5th at the finish. Kanney, finished one position better in 4th for the weekend. Despite missing a victory at the Spartan race, Knight still holds a large overall point lead, while this weekend helped Kanney to move closer to the top five in overall points.

J-Dubs took seventh.


Red Bull KTM Factory rider Justin Williamson had a decent 4th place start in the XC-2 main event. He stayed within the top five for a while before he fell slightly off pace losing a few positions as he battled through the heat and dust to remain in the front pack. Near the end of the three hour race, he had settled into a comfortable 7th place position where he would finish overall.

Next Event: Yadkinville, NC ”“ June 21-22, 2008

XC-1 Class Overall Results:

  1. Paul Whibley

  2. Glenn Kearney

  3. Joshua Strang

  4. Nate Kanney ”“ KTM

  5. David Knight ”“ KTM

  6. Charles Mullins

  7. Jason Raines

  8. Jim Jarrett

  9. Garrett Edmisten

  10. Brian Garrahan

XC-1 Class Overall Points:

  1. David Knight ”“ 171

  2. Paul Whibley ”“ 148

  3. Joshua Strang ”“ 129

  4. Jimmy Jarrett ”“ 112

  5. Charles Mullins ”“ 112

  6. Nate Kanney ”“ 103

  7. Jason Raines ”“ 82

  8. Thaddeus Duvall ”“ 79

  9. Glenn Kearney ”“ 76

  10. Jesse Robinson ”“ 67