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PRESS RELEASE"In the Dirt" Ten Man Push is Off To the Races

Thursday, May 15, 2008 | 12:00 AM


NY Band “TEN MAN PUSHä” is off to the races!


Fresh out of New York comes the band Ten Man Pushs! Exploding onto the Modern Rock scene and appearing in concert at the Mutiny in Antioch, CA on Friday May 30th.  Their song “In The Dirt” is featured as the theme song for the national television series “RACER TV” on the VS. Network. Lead singer Lonnie Park’s two brothers-in-law and professional riders Rodney Smith and Steve Hatch were the inspiration for the song. Ten Man Push songs are also highlighted in “Nitro Circus” television shows and movies (featuring the antics of professional motorcycle free-stylist Travis Pastrana and friends).  Ten Man Push is on the road supporting the release of their debut CD and appearing at many marquee dirt events for over a quarter million race fans during the 2008 season alone. In addition, they are playing many other venues between races from coast to coast and even in Europe. The music falls into the genre of “American Modern Rock” but stands alone with a quickly identifiable sound. Their debut CD was voted Best Modern Rock CD of 2007 by the Soundoff Awards and it appears that these guys are not slowing down. The CD features heavy driving cuts as well as songs that have broad based appeal. Songs like “NY Night” and “Blue Roses” will haunt you for days after just hearing them once.


The core of the band features guys who are not strangers to the music industry. Lonnie Park (Lead Vocals, Guitar) and John West (Lead Guitar, Vocals) have worked together professionally for some time and have appeared on scores of record label releases. While they both have seen success and are known throughout the world for their previous works, Ten Man Push should be seen as the pinnacle of their efforts. Rounding out the band are drummer Nate Horton and bassist Dave Hoyt, both are world-class performers as well. The CD is chock full of great songs and the band delivers a very entertaining live show.

They have released two music videos for the songs “Kingdom of Fools” and “In The Dirt” . You can see these videos on heir website, and there is a lot more media there as well. The band launched an innovative Web Series entitled “Ten Man Minute” which features web shorts about the band and lets you really get to know the guys as real people. Thousands of friends and fans enjoy regular updates and interaction at

So chances are good that you will be seeing and hearing a whole lot out of this band. This may be the first you’ve heard of Ten Man Push but it sure won’t be the last. You can pick up their CD, shirts, and a full line of merchandise at the shows and on their website. The music is available for purchase or download on their website as well as on iTunes and CD Baby.