GNCC Racing

Whibley Leads Early in Penton Mudder

Sunday, May 11, 2008 | 12:00 AM

It's a full-on mudder here in Ohio. Rain last night led to even more rain this morning, leading to a two-lap morning race. Then it kept on raining. By the time we started racing, the conditions were bad, and everyone was trying to make the most of it by staying positive.

Most positive of all is FMF Suzuki's Paul Whibley, who took the lead early on lap one. His teammates Josh Strang and Jimmy Jarrett were in hot pursuit, with David Knight and Nathan Kanney behind them. Josh Weisenfels led XC2 on lap one, then Thad DuVall took the lead on lap two, and now Scott Watkins has moved into the XC2 lead on his Monster Energy Kawasaki.

More rain looks to be coming. Stay tuned.