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Am-Pro Yamaha Loretta's Race Report

Monday, April 28, 2008 | 12:00 AM

From: Team Am-Pro Yamaha

Round 5 of the GNCC Series kicked off at the Loretta Lynn's Ranch in Hurricane Mills Tennessee. Watching the ATV race the day before and walking the track the morning of, the Team Am-Pro Yamaha riders knew that the track was fast and rocky, and there was no room for mistakes. The 12 mile course ran through the famous amateur national motocross track and out through the pristine green forest of Hurricane Mills.
The start of the race was almost pre-determined by your gate pick. There were about six dry spots for the riders and the rest had to cross a mud hole and many were left to start in standing water from the weekends' severe thunder storms. But that didn't stop Jason Raines from putting the throttle to the ground and getting a great start which helped position himself for a steady ride ahead. Thaddeus Duvall got a top five start as well and by the end of the first lap took control of the XC2 Pro Lites class with no problems. Thad went on to dominate the race and taking his fourth win of the year and finished ninth in the overall. This race created a great buffer in the point standings as well giving him a 36 point lead over Monster Energy/Andrews Yamaha rider Dustin Gibson.
Ryan Belue started off the race with business as usual in his 4-Stroke B Lites class leading the first three laps, but later in the race ran into some problems with a flat tire. Ryan had to come into the pits on the start of lap five and watch as Jobey West and Ted Mullins rode past for the first and second positions. After some complications with the tire change Ryan was off and running to pick up the pieces and come through with a third place for the day.

Injured but still fighting to salvage some points, Walker Fowler started the race but with a first turn crash. The second lap of the day would turn out to be his last.
Joseph Scherer, aka Joe Dirt, started his work day with a upper pack start and coming through the first lap barrels in seventh place knew he had some work to do by the time the day was done. Joe raced past his competitors all the way to first place where he stayed until the fourth lap. Joe made a small mistake which sent him rag dolling through the trees and setting him back down painfully on the ground. He got back on the 'Horse' as quickly as he could but was having a hard time riding the same pace. Joseph came through for the day in fourth place.
Jason was riding this race solo without teammate Barry Hawk in the XC1 Pro class, Barry had a horrific crash at Big Buck in South Carolina but is at home now thankfully recovering with his family. With the race well under way and KTM's David Knight trying to pull a lead, Jason knew he had no time to waste and needed to start passing early on.  So pass is what he did, Jason was in the top eight coming into the scoring barrels and quickly picked off Team Suzuki's Jimmy Jarrett coming onto the motocross section. Then on the third lap Jason and his WR 450 moved pass KTM rider Nathan Kanney and former KTM rider Shane Watts to take fifth place, and then set out to take on Suzuki's Charles Mullins on lap five.  The last lap of the day is where things took a small turn for the worse. Jason noticed his front tire trying to slide out over every small rock and turn, he didn't know what was going on and had no time to stop, but almost every knob was torn off the outside edge of his tires. Later that lap Jason's goggles broke when a lapped rider threw a Tennessee bolder at him forcing him to have to make a unexpected pit stop and allowing for Kanney and Suzuki's Paul Whibley to move past him. Jason finished the day in seventh place and knowing he has the speed for the top five.
Team Results 

Jason Raines XC1 Pro Seventh Place
Thaddeus Duvall XC2 Pro Lites First Place
Ryan Belue 4-Stroke B Lites  Third Place
Joseph Scherer Open A  Fourth Place
Walker Fowler 4-Stroke A Lites DNF
Barry Hawk XC1 Pro Lites DNS
Points Standings after round 5 of 13
Jason Raines-XC1 Pro-7th
Barry Hawk-XC1 Pro-11th
Thad Duvall-XC2 Pro Lites-1st
Walker Fowler-4 Stroke A Lites-13th
Joe Scherer-Open A-3rd
Ryan Belue-4-Stroke B Lites-1st
Thank you for all your support, see you at the races!