GNCC Racing

Master Tech/Maxxis Jesse Robinson Race Report

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 | 12:00 AM
April 13,  Round 4, Big Buck
     If you ever wished for a perfect day to race and missed this one, well you just missed it.  With perfect track conditions and temperature one would hope for a perfect race, but as everyone knows that is a task that is rarely accomplished.
     Jesse finds himself on the ground, for the first time ever off the start, as he charges into the second turn unable to avoid the chaos as several riders were down. Keeping the Kawasaki 450 running was a plus as he was able to jump back on and  head out of sight. About 15 min. into the first lap, Chad Duvall finds me and says that Jesse is having some sort of problem. He said, "Jesse came by and pointed down toward the fuel tank and said something but all I could hear was "rrruugh hummmm bllloank ...". So as I prepared to change the fuel in the bike and drain the carburator, the first lap ends and Jesse finds himself in 13th place.  A stop in the pits wasn't for a fuel problem, but a tree problem. Hitting it hard enough to roll the bars back about 4 inches made riding the bike a nightmare!  After a quick adjustment, it was back on the track and checking in 11th after lap 2.  Finally in the groove, lap 3 ended with a 9th place position and in good shape as 4th place was only :50 sec. or so ahead. 
An extended stay in the pits, due to not getting the bars tight enough the first stop, cost most of the time that was made up. In the end Jesse worked his way to 8th position for the 4th straight race.  After the race Jesse's comments were, "I felt the best I've ever felt on the bike. The faster I rode, the better the bike worked. I was slower than the bike was today."  I hate to say it but the pit crew (me) was the slowest at this race.  Thanks to all our sponsors Maxxis Tire, Ohlins, HMF, Kawasaki, Moose racing, PG, Renthal, RK excel, Rekluse, Polishsport, Motorex, DP brakes, Smith, IMS, Works Connection, AXA, Trials Training Center, Asterisk, and a big special thanks to Cycra for keeping our hands safer while we race.
Note:  A lot of people have asked "where is POPS?" or "where is SNOOP?"  Well the eldest Robinson will be 73 in May and has never been sick a day in his life, with the exception of a cold or flu, but has developed some prostate trouble. Not able to travel to Fla. and Ga. just killed him although he was at N.C. and S.C. on Sundays. He was operated on Monday and everything went well. He will still have to sit out 3 or 4 more races but I know that he will be looking forward to seeing everyone soon. This man loves to watch his grandson race as good as he loves to eat.  I hope that everyone will remember him in your prayers as he makes his recovery.