GNCC Racing

First-Ever Moose Racing Mechanic's Challenge

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 | 12:00 AM

Into the history books comes a new event in GNCC Racing: the Moose Racing Mechanic's Challenge. Parts Unlimited's Rob Buydos dreamed the event, which ran Monday night at the Triton GNCC in Melbourne. Simply, the event starred pro rider and mechanic teams. A rider would start his bike dead engine and take off down a straightaway, then stop and put his bike on a stand. The mechanic would then take his rear wheel off, and then put it back on, tighten it all up, and then the rider would grab the bike and go charge to the finish line and put it on a stand again.

It was a knock-down drag out between riders Barry Hawk, Jason Raines, Randy Hawkins, Thad DuVall, Garrett Edmisten, Jesse Robinson and Dick Burleson. Hawk and his mechanic Doug Whitmer put a great time on the board to start things out. Thad and Chad DuVall put in a great run, but he dropped his bike off of the stand and couldn't make the time up. But Jason Raines and his father Darryl put it all together, clocking in a 1:10 second run to beat Hawk/Whitmer's 1:19. That was enough to give Team Raines the first-ever Moose Racing Mechanic's Challenge Championship!

Some controversey ignited when Raines admitted he didn't have a rear brake disc on his bike--which certainly made rear-wheel changes easier. But in a new event like this, there's no rulebook, and as such the win stands!

Jason admitted the advantage he had without the disc. His father Darryl tried to joke "Hey, we just grabbed a wheel out of the truck and for some reason it just didn't happen to have a disc on it!"

The Raines won $600, all generously donated by fans. Look out...this event may be back again!