GNCC Racing

Ask...Nate Kanney

Monday, February 11, 2008 | 12:00 AM

New Feature!

Got a burning question itching your mind in spots no lotion can soothe? Want to dive deep into the lifetsyle of a real deal factory GNCC racer? Do you think living your life based on advice from a pro racer is the right way to live you life?

Well you're in luck! Red Bull KTM Factory rider Nathan Kanney has promised to enlighten your life with his bright advice, with a solid dose of humor, sarcasm and maybe even a few witty insults pre-mixed right in with every answer. So wake up and smell the fresh cut blades of knowledge. Ask Nate!

Send Nate questions through [email protected] and we'll forward them to him. We're aiming for fun here--not jetting set ups or sag settings--but funny advice on life, racing and living the life of someone who races.

Have at it!