Rd 7 - The John Penton

LocationSunday Creek Raceway - Millfield, OH
TimeMay 22, 2021 - May 23, 2021

Est: 1990


$25 Adult (12+)
$10 Kids (6-11)
5 & under free

Special Information:

    Please follow the written directions below, AND the RED arrows.
    Take Rt. 33 W. 1 mile to 13N (Chauncey Exit)
    Go 3 miles into Chauncey.
    Turn RIGHT—staying on Route 13 North.
    Continue for 10 miles to Jacksonville.
    Go right on Sixth St. for 2 miles, then turn LEFT.
  2. This will be a Specialized Turbo eMTB GNCC National Championship round.
  3. KTM Youth Day: Micro & Youth Participants will receive a Youth Day t-shirt, medal and Kailub Russell Bobblehead at the Race Team Semi Truck.
  4. Pedal with the Pros: Friday @ 4 p.m. Join Ben Kelley, Josh Toth, and Kailub Russell as they pedal the youth course. Racers will meet at the FMF KTM Factory Race Team Semi truck.
  5. ePeeWee Racing: Saturday @ 6:30 p.m. Stop by the KTM Trackside Support Truck to receive your STACYC Bib on Saturday.
  6. Saturday Team Faith Slip-N-Slide: Saturday @ 5:15
  7. Saturday Night Film: The Year of Jubilee Episode 2

The John Penton is one of the longest-running GNCCs around, and is held at Sunday Creek Raceway, a popular motocross track in Southern Ohio. The event is named after one of the pioneers of off-road motorcycle racing in America, as John Penton is the man who originally imported the KTM motorcycle from Austria into the United States. In fact, they even called them ‘Pentons’ back then, since John created so many improvements for the machines.

You must plan for the weather at this event. It's an awesome place to race, but is often either bone-dry and dusty or covered in sticky Ohio mud. And sometimes it's both! That slick Ohio clay will provide little traction if it’s wet, and it will stick all over your gear and your machine. You’ve got to be tough to survive this one if it rains.

The track is great, with a nice mix of fast, flowing trails with some fresh, tight stuff thrown in as well. There’s nothing too difficult here as far as hills or mud bogs, even when it’s muddy, but it can get rough as the race wears on, so be prepared to pace yourself when needed.

The Sunday Creek motocross track is a fun one too, with a few simple jumps, one nice step-up and plenty of wide-open corners for flat tracking (and passing).
If it does rain, make sure you have extra goggles and gloves ready because they will get thrashed.

Dining Opportunities:

Shade on State Street
994 E State St, Athens, OH
Located by the Hampton Inn, Shade on State Street offers the best of casual dining and family sports pub atmosphere. You’ll find great food including award winning pizza, the world’s best wings, fresh cut salads, mouth watering sandwiches, tasty appetizers, homemade soups & much more.

Texas Roadhouse - Athens, OH

Gran Ranchero - Athens, OH

Sikorski's Home Plate - Glouster, OH