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Tuesday Toolbox: Judd Poindexter

Tuesday Toolbox: Judd Poindexter

Tuesday, January 30, 2024 | 4:25 PM
Tuesday, January 30, 2024 | 4:25 PM Let’s go way back. When did you start riding and what was your first bike?

Judd Poindexter: The Christmas of 1984, my dad bought me a 1981 Honda Z50R.  The very next day, I set out on a frosted field wearing my nylon zipper parachute pants, a quilted flannel shirt, an open face helmet, my break- dancing silver Nikes with fat laces, and no gloves.  After an hour of riding, I don’t know if I was shaking from the 27-degree temperatures or the excitement of being on my first motorcycle. 

DJ Judd on the Monster Energy Activation Transport at the GNCC Starting Line.
DJ Judd on the Monster Energy Activation Transport at the GNCC Starting Line. Ken Hill

Many people know you, but some may not. For those that don’t know, who the heck is “DJ Judd” and how on earth did you get roped in with all of us crazy people in GNCC?

Beginning in the Winter of 2001, I became the resident DJ at Snowshoe.  Over 12 years ago, I started DJing the Friday and Saturday parties in the village at Snowshoe for the GNCC crowd.  During one of those GNCC rounds, I met Tim Cotter, and he asked me if I would come to Loretta Lynn’s for a week.  Over the years, I worked more and more for MX Sports.  In 2021, I began working the entire 13 rounds GNCC schedule as the DJ on the MEAT.

In addition to being the Official DJ of GNCC, you also have a role in Pro Motocross. What does that look like for you?

When Tim Cotter asked me if I was interested in working Pro Motocross, he gave me the job title of Producer for the AMA Pro Motocross Live Show. I show up for all 12 rounds across the United States and set up all the sound gear in the announcers’ tower.   Some of my responsibilities include:  recording and editing audio commercials, controlling the LED video wall, hosting production meetings, making sure the show runs on time, and entertaining the crowd with music, all while watching some of the best Motocross racers in the world.  I’m fortunate enough to work  with a colorful group of individuals including Tim Cotter, Megawatt Matt Watson, Rob Buydos, Lurch and the legendary, Mikey Waynes.

You’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, if not, you’re certainly an avid adventure seeker. In addition to riding and racing your dirt bike, you’ve ran in marathons, snowboarded ETC. What are some of your favorite experiences over the years in all your adventures?

I ran a 160-mile ultra-marathon carrying a 25 pound pack in the Sahara Desert, Morocco.  Some of my other favorite adventures include: multiple motorcycle trips in the Baja Desert, an 87-mile inline skate race on open roads from Athens to Atlanta, GA (don’t judge me for being a roller blader), several ultra distance cycling events , flying paramotors in several spots across the United States and  playing in a local ice hockey league. 

DJ Judd bringing the pre-show parties to GNCC Monster Energy Concerts
DJ Judd bringing the pre-show parties to GNCC Monster Energy Concerts Facebook

You’re headed back home from a ride out to Anaheim for A2. Walk us through that experience!

On January 8, I left Virginia with 2 bikes in the back of my pickup truck and drove to San Diego.  I picked up my friend, Chuck at the airport in San Diego, and we headed to the Mexican Border at Tecate. We unloaded the bikes, and for the next 8 days we road 1500 miles down to  Cabo, all while covering single track, two track, sand washes, silt beds, cactus landmine fields and beaches.  We were self-supported, had no chase truck, no real back up plan.  We each had only one change of clothes, a few spare parts, and enough Pesos for tacos and beers.  While waiting for the bikes to be transported back to Tecate, I hung out in Cabo for a days.  Then,  I flew into Tijuana, crossed the border, hung out in San Diego, and decided, why not make the short drive to Anaheim to watch the pros of Supercross battle it out. I’m so appreciative to MX Sports for giving me the royal treatment of watching and enjoying the race from the skybox.   And now begins the long, lonely, solo drive back to VA with a mind full of  fond  memories of mile after mile of an epic adventure and  a huge smile on my face.  There is video footage of the trip.  I have high hopes that I can call on the assistance and the editing talents of Adam Gordon from Racer TV  for our captured  footage and the voice of  Mikey Waynes to do the narration. 

You get to satisfy the itch to ride off-road by occasionally running sweep for the track crew at GNCC. Any chance we see you call on Mix Master Murphey to fill in on the Monster Energy Activation Transport so you can get a race in?

I am not sure that I want to race and possibly take away valuable points from someone battling for a class championship (ha!).  I have thought about racing EMTB this season if somebody will let me borrow an e-bike for every round. 

Judd also helps out with riding sweep at some of the GNCC events as well!
Judd also helps out with riding sweep at some of the GNCC events as well! Ken Hill

You run quite the event business. Bounce houses, DJ, ETC. What all do you have to offer and how can people contact you? Or are you covered up? I don’t want to put you out if you’re cup is already full. I just know the people love the energy you bring to the track, if we can pay that forward, I certainly think we should.

In my spare time, I run Big Fun Events, which is an interactive and inflatable games and rides company servicing Virginia and the surrounding areas.  We offer everything from moon bounces to mechanical bulls, carnival games to inflatable waterslides and much more….We specialize in corporate picnics, church events, school functions, and backyard parties.

What’s the craziest race you’ve ever been a part of?

On the two-wheel side of things, it would probably be the first time I ever raced a dirt bike.  In 2011, I had the genius idea for signing up for Snowshoe.  I only made it one lap in 2 hours.  I was 3 riders from being dead last, and a DNF.  I was on a borrowed 450, bald tires, free spinning grips and a dead battery. On the human powered side of things, crewing an ultra-race for an individual who ran 450 miles in 108 hours – a true test of human endurance.

Bucket List race for you? To either attend, or even participate in?

I don’t have a bucket list.  I have an experiences list.  To attend:  my top two would be Dakkar or Erzberg and as a participant:  the Monster Energy Rip to Cabo, attempting the Fastest Known Time on the TransAmerica Trail or racing flat track on a vintage Speedway bike running on pure Methanol. 

What does Judd do in his
What does Judd do in his "spare time"? He runs Big Fun Events, which is an interactive and inflatable games and rides company servicing Virginia and the surrounding areas Facebook

Lastly, regardless of whether or not you’re a “sponsored” rider, I know you’ve got a lot of great people in your corner. Is there anyone you’d like to thank or recognize that helps you at the track, or getting to the track ETC?

First of all, Tim Cotter for giving me the opportunity to work in this sport. I couldn’t do it weekend and week out without my extended GNCC family:  George and Brooke Murphy, Greg and Thor Powell, Phillip and Brittany Propst, Griffin Cotter, Jared Bolton (for allowing me to spend some time on the bike on race weekends), Melissa Holbert (for feeding me throughout the weekend and the many racers and families who come to the event, which allow me to have a job)