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Tuesday Toolbox: Jordan Jarvis

Tuesday Toolbox: Jordan Jarvis

Tuesday, January 9, 2024 | 4:50 PM
Tuesday, January 9, 2024 | 4:50 PM First, let me welcome you to the world of GNCC! You’re in for an absolute treat. Let’s dive right, most anyone who’s raced a motorcycle knows who you are. But for those that may have been living under a rock, tell us a little bit about your background. When did you start riding? When did you start racing?

Jordan Jarvis: Thanks Mikey, I’m 22 and I have been racing for 17 years. Got my first bike when I was four and started racing at five not long after.

Jarvis aboard her new AmPro Yamaha for the 2024 GNCC Season.
Jarvis aboard her new AmPro Yamaha for the 2024 GNCC Season. AmPro Yamaha

Quite frankly, you’re a badass on two wheels. Your rider resume speaks for itself. What led you to decide AmPro Yamaha and GNCC was a direction you wanted to go in your career?

I’ve always expected myself to end up doing GNCC at some point. I just expected it would be much later in my career. After talking to Randy and testing the bike I knew it was something I wanted to try. There is so little for women in motocross, so it was amazing to see how much support there is for women in the GNCC world. After seeing what Randy has done in the past and hearing how willing he was to work with me and train me to get up to speed I knew it was something I needed to do. 

What challenges do you anticipate making the jump from moto to off-road racing?

I think the biggest challenge is going to be just starting over and basically re-learning a lot of things. All the other women I am going to be racing against in the WXC class have been riding in the woods for years and I will have just a few months so that's going to be a massive challenge as well.

You’ve been an incredible ambassador of women’s racing over the years. From racing yourself, to being there in the booth with us at Loretta’s, Mini O’s, and even here and there at Pro Motocross. Over the last few years the amateur, and Pro WXC ranks have grown, and then grown some more. How excited are you to continue contributing to the sport, and specifically women’s sports?

I am so excited to be trying something new and maybe bring some of the moto women with me over to the woods and showing people that there is a spot for women’s racing everywhere. You just have to be willing to make the jump and try something new.

Jordan Jarvis
Jordan Jarvis AmPro Yamaha

Are you still going to be racing moto or will GNCC become the only focus for 2024?

GNCC will be my primary focus but there is still talk of me doing some moto through the year as well.

What has been your experience racing off-road over the years?

I have very little off-road racing experience. I have raced one sprint enduro and maybe two- or three-days riding in the woods, so I haven't seen much just yet. From what I have seen is its going to be an amazing year and I am going to learn so much throughout the season.

What has training looked like for you? Has anything changed in your training, anticipating running GNCC?

Training has definitely changed a bit for me. I have found myself at the gym a lot more than in previous years. Working a lot more on strength and endurance for the two-hour long races.

Enough about racing, what’s life look like outside of the race track? I know, I know, that’s where the fun is. But if you’re not racing or training, what’s a fun weekend look like for you?

Definitely hanging out with some friends, spending Saturday night watching supercross and maybe going go-karting or something else like that. 

Jarvis will be teammates with Liam Draper (left) and Ricky Russell (center).
Jarvis will be teammates with Liam Draper (left) and Ricky Russell (center). AmPro Yamaha

Any chance you get some of your fellow WMX, women’s amateur riders from moto to give GNCC a try this season?

Absolutely, I already know of a few women who are planning to do some this year. 

Lastly, I know like every other rider, you don’t do this alone. Who are the sponsors and people you’d like to thank?

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