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Tuesday Toolbox: Rachael Archer

Tuesday Toolbox: Rachael Archer

Tuesday, October 17, 2023 | 5:50 PM
Tuesday, October 17, 2023 | 5:50 PM
  • Wiseco Logo First of all, congratulations on capturing your second WXC Pro National Champion! You’re now a back-to-back National Champion. You’ve got much more career ahead of you than you have behind you. Talk about how this championship compares to your first in GNCC. Which one was harder?

Rachael Archer: Yeah, the second championship was special but definitely not as special or as stressful as the first one! When I first got here, I struggled getting through lap traffic and managing the second part of the race, I was always nervous and tried to push too hard instead of being patient, once I learned how to be patient , the race-craft strategy followed. 

Archer earned the 2023 GNCC WXC Motorcycle Overall National Championship
Archer earned the 2023 GNCC WXC Motorcycle Overall National Championship Ken Hill

Looking back over your career since you’ve been racing GNCC, what have been your biggest challenges in learning the pace and becoming successful at this level?

Moving here when I was 17 meant I definitely did the hard yards to get to the point I’m at now, winning is super addictive to me so I’m never satisfied with second and always trying to better myself! I’ve been a WXC title contender for the last 4 years so it’s definitely a weight off my shoulders going two in a row, but three would be even better! 

You’ve got 8 wins under your belt this season. That’s not easy in any class, let alone the WXC Pro. What does training look like for you to stay at the top of your game?

I’ve always been a hard worker on and off the bike and in 2021. I got Epstein Barr virus from overtraining. This has been an ongoing issue for me since, but I’ve learned what things work for me in order to keep it at bay and myself healthy. I train and ride a bit more in the off season and during the season I typically ride 2-3 times a week along with 3 or 4 gym workouts and some cycling

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Archer came through to earn a win at the muddy John Penton GNCC.
Archer came through to earn a win at the muddy John Penton GNCC. Ken Hill

Going to put you on the spot, as the sport continues to grow and evolve, who are some riders you keep an eye on? Obviously Korie Steede continues to make strides in the class. In addition to Korie who are some names to watch out for? And who are some riders up-and-coming you’ve got your eyes on?

Yes, Korie is always a top dog in WXC, but I try not to focus on anyone else except myself. It’s easy to get caught up in your thoughts and worries so I just focus on getting to the front and riding my own race. Addi Harris is an up-and-coming racer in the youth, and she’s been mixing it up in the am race this year, she’s young and fast and I think she will be one to watch in the next few years.

Injuries, sadly, have become commonplace amongst our sport. It’s something everyone battles each season. Sometimes big, sometimes small. How do you remain focused on your goals despite some injuries here and there?

Injuries are never something you plan for but in this sport, it’s bound to happen at some point, luckily, I’ve been pretty lucky and never had any major accidents that have put me out for more than 6 weeks, I try to be a little cautious with the risks I take but I think being strong and confident plays a big role in getting a rider out of situations! I have a great conditioning coach, so I always feel well prepared for anything.

Enough about racing! You’ve wrapped up the title. I have to think you’ve been able to enjoy a cheat-meal or two. What’s your go-to cheat meal when celebrating or not training?

Ice cream! Every one of my friends or family know to keep me away from the ice cream parlors if they don’t feel like getting ice cream. 

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Archer atop the podium at Tiger Run earlier this season.
Archer atop the podium at Tiger Run earlier this season. Ken Hill

What are your goals? You’ve got the titles; you’ve got the wins. When you finally walk away from the sport (many years from now), what kind of mark would you like to leave?

Obviously, I want to win until I retire but I always want to make it known that pro women deserve a higher level of support and exposure, we work just as hard as the guys and just like every sport the women are always in the back in terms of spotlight!

What message do you have for young riders? Especially the girls who’d like to follow in your footsteps.

Don’t be scared of the boys, confidence will get you a long way! Never give up!

I know you don’t do this alone. Who are the people and sponsors you’d like to thank?

My parents for letting me chase my dreams and not go to university! Ampro Yamaha for taking me on as a young inexperienced kid and all my sponsors that have helped me over the years! 

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Archer looks to continue her winning ways!
Archer looks to continue her winning ways! Mack Faint