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Parts Unlimited Mason-Dixon: Women's Race Report

Parts Unlimited Mason-Dixon: Women's Race Report

Wednesday, June 7, 2023 | 9:00 AM
Wednesday, June 7, 2023 | 9:00 AM

Parts Unlimited Mason-Dixon: Women's Race Report

MT.MORRIS, Pa. (June 7, 2023) - Round eight of The Grand National CrossCountrySeries presented by Specialized, an AMA National Championship, took place in scenic Mount Morris, Pennsylvania for the Parts Unlimited Mason-Dixon. Transitioning from the epic mud of The John Penton to the sun-drenched dust at round eight, the female athletes of GNCC faced a real test of skill and adaptability. Let's dive into how things shook out!

Chloe Harper earned her first-ever WXC ATV win on Saturday.
Chloe Harper earned her first-ever WXC ATV win on Saturday. Ken Hill

In the WXC ATV class, the best of the best lined up in the hot sun on Saturday. As Ricky Towery waved the green flag, Traci Pickens was off to a solid jump into the first turn on her GBC Tires/Yamaha/Fly Racing machine, but Hannah Hunter was able to drive down the second straight and take the BNR Motorsports Holeshot. Hunter led the way into the woods on her Fly Racing/OBOR Tires/HMF backed ride, but WXC rookie Chloe Harper quickly made the pass for the lead. As they checked in for lap one, Harper had built a 26 second gap on Hunter, and BNR Motorsports/GBC Tires/Fly Racing's Jessica Elioff just behind in third. Harper maintained her lead for the next couple laps on her Pro Graphx/Penske Racing Shocks/Lonestar machine, but the battle for second was on between points leaders Elioff and Hunter staying wheel to wheel for lap after lap through the dust of lapped traffic. On the final lap, Elioff would finally overtake Hunter to move into second, and actually make a charge to catch the rear tires of Harper, but after a mistake she wasn't able to make the pass. Chloe Harper, in her first WXC season, would reach the checkered flag and take her first win by 24 seconds! Jessica Elioff held second just four seconds in front of defending champion, Hannah "Hurricane" Hunter in third. Katelyn Osburn took fourth, and Andrea Rodgers fifth with her first top five of the season at the Mason Dixon.  

An ecstatic Chloe Harper in the center of the podium commented, "I didn't get a great start, I went into the woods fifth or sixth. I just kept my head up that first lap and made my passes. Even though I didn't get a good start I just wanted to ride level-headed. I told myself all race long to keep a steady pace and ride level-headed with no mistakes and you'll finish. That’s all I wanted to do today was to finish and today I won! It's pretty exciting." 

Chloe Harper (center), Jessica Elioff (left) and Hannah Hunter (right) rounded out the top three WXC ATV finishers.
Chloe Harper (center), Jessica Elioff (left) and Hannah Hunter (right) rounded out the top three WXC ATV finishers. Ken Hill

"I had a decent start out there," said Elioff. "Then Hannah and I battled all race. I caught Chloe right at the end there, but I made a mistake on my own and wasn’t able to make the pass, but it was fun! It was hot conditions and there's a lot of different things that you've got to do. Last race was the mud, this race was the heat, so it's taking us through all of it!"

Hannah Hunter said, "I got the holeshot and Chloe passed me in the dust, I couldn't see anything. I was just trying to hold off Jess as long as I could. Going into the last lap I had to pit, and she got around me. I tried to reel them in, but the dust was hard."

Korie Steede took the WXC Bike win on Sunday morning.
Korie Steede took the WXC Bike win on Sunday morning. Ken Hill

The conditions were similar as the WXC Bikes lined up to battle in the dust. Racking up the Trail Jesters WXC Holeshots in 2023, Korie Steede launched off the line and raced into the woods with the lead. After a small mistake from Steede on her Trail Jesters KTM, AmPro Yamaha's Rachael Archer was able to take over the lead with Steede in second, and GasGas/OveranOuts's Gutish settling into third. For the next two laps, the top two stayed within 15 seconds of each other and began working their way through lapped traffic. Towards the end of the third lap, Archer had a run in with a lapper and Steede was able to make the pass. As they took the white flag, just under 10 seconds separated them. In a final lap charge, Steede was able to hold the lead and see the checkered flag with 5 seconds to spare and take the WXC win. Archer made her best effort to reel her in, but would take second, and Rachel Gutish third after a consistent race. Fly Racing Prestin Raines was able to catch back up to Kayla O'neil after a third lap crash to make the pass for fourth. O'neil would finish fifth on her V3 CDR/Garrison Tree Service/Focus X Gear/Enduro Engineering Kawasaki just one second behind Raines.

Korie Steede with her third win of the season said, "It was a really weird week for me. I had a really gnarly burn on my hand last Sunday and I didn't ride all week. I kind of just said around praying I'd feel decent enough to hold on. I got off to a really great holeshot. I lost the front end and Archer got around me. I saw pit boards saying around 12 seconds and I was just staying that steady gap and waiting to make a good pass. With the lappers out there it was gnarly, we were just kind of playing yo-yo back and forth. Luckily I was able to hold her off until the finish line." 

"With a lap and a half to go I was leading, and a lapper cut into my line, and we ended up going down," said Rachael Archer. "My bike got wedged in a tree and I was upside down and Korie got passed. I had a pit board saying I was 20 seconds down, so I charged that last lap and started picking time off. I was able to catch her at the end but didn't have enough time to have a battle. Good ride for Korie and we're still in the points lead so I'm happy with second."

Korie Steede (center), Rachael Archer (left) and Rachel Gutish (right) rounded out the top three WXC Bike finishers.
Korie Steede (center), Rachael Archer (left) and Rachel Gutish (right) rounded out the top three WXC Bike finishers. Ken Hill

After unfortunate mechanicals the prior two rounds, Gutish was excited to be back on the box and said, "It's such a relief to actually see the checkered flag and be up here. After bad luck the last two rounds I'm just stoked to be back on the box. I actually wish we could go back to the mud! I know most people won't agree with me. I didn't have the heart to do the rain dance today. I know everyone's been suffering a lot, so I figured I'd let them have a dry one for once. I struggled with finding traction. I didn't feel exceptionally great, but I still feel like I put in a solid ride and I'm happy to be here." 

The WXC EMTB returned to racing for round four of their series. Alexandra Cardoza would lead the way into the woods after the "Ten Second" call and green flag wave. Ashley Hendershot took over the lead before checking in for lap one with Cardoza in second and Megan Barnes in third. Hendershot led the way for the first two laps with Cardoza staying hot on her tail. On lap three, Cardoza was able to make the pass and hold the lead to reach the checkered flag just eight seconds ahead of Hendershot finishing second, and Barnes third.  

WXC eMTB Racing returned to the series after last rounds rain cancellation.
WXC eMTB Racing returned to the series after last rounds rain cancellation. Ken Hill

Cardoza with her first WXC EMTB win said, "It feels really good to get my first win! It was a really fun day; I rode the first lap with Ashley. I tried to get smooth on the course, it was really fast and fun!" 

"I felt pretty good," said Ashley Hendershot on the podium. "Starting to feel like normal again so I'll take that one. Unfortunately, I had a little kid put me into a tree so that kind of put me behind a little bit but that's okay. I found some push there and just pushed through to the end so I can't complain." 

"That track was great," said Megan Barnes in the third place spot on the box. "The single track was so fun. Unfortunately, I had a lot of mistakes, I crashed about five times, but I had so much fun. It's a whole other level in this WXC class, but I'm excited. We'll see what we can do the rest of the year and try to get faster!"

The women's classes were stacked as usual with 13 athletes in both the ATV and Bikes. In the Women's Bike class, Ruby Fustini took her fourth win of the season. Ellie Winland held second for the duration of the race but was able to close the gap from 1:35 at the white flag to 22 seconds when she took the checkered for second. Carly Lee would round out the podium for third.  

Malia Crump showed epic determination in the Women's ATV class battling from 6th on the first lap, to making the pass for the lead on the final lap to take her fifth win of the season. Makenna Bruderly who led for three laps of the race took second just 13 seconds behind, and Hailie Fowler third for her second podium of the season. 

Isabella Gouker and Madison Luckadoo battled for the Schoolgirl Sr. lead the entire race in the Youth ATV program. Down to the final lap, Gouker would finish just one second ahead of Luckadoo to maintain her points lead in the class. Kimber Lowry raced her first GNCC of the season and took the final spot on the podium. 

Addison Harris was able to dominate another round in the Girls Supermini Bike class extending her lead to three minutes before reaching the checkered flag. Zoey Kimble rode a consistent race to take second, and Jalee Coen took her second podium of the season in third.  

These awesome women have a couple weekends to recover before heading to the infamous Snowshoe event for round nine! Stay tuned on the Instagram page to keep up with the female athletes of GNCC and more.

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