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Quick Fill #24: This Week in GNCC

Quick Fill #24: This Week in GNCC

Thursday, August 25, 2022 | 12:00 PM
Thursday, August 25, 2022 | 12:00 PM

Welcome to Quick Fill. 

Yes, we’re back! Sorry to the loyal Quick Fill readers that you’ve had to miss out on all the Quick Fill goodies recently, but things have continued to stay wide open on our end. On top of that, there’s really wasn’t a ton of news flowing the last few weeks but we’re back on schedule now and we’ll keep the normal weekly Quick Fill greatness flowing from here on out. So, with that said there’s actually a bit to talk about now! 

First off, pre-registration is live for the final four events. So, if you’re interested in avoiding the lines on race day, you can go ahead and sign up for The Mountaineer, or Burr Oak, or Buckwheat 100, or Ironman, or all four of them! You can CLICK HERE to get started on your pre-registration. And of course, don’t forget that using pre-registration also lets you score $20 in Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas, which is good for basically anything on Rocky Mountain’s website. 

To catch up on a few recent newsworthy items that have happened over the last few weeks, the Heartland Challenge 12 Hour ATV race took place. Once again, it was the “dream team” of Walker Fowler, Johnny Gallagher and Mark Notman taking the overall win with another incredibly solid team of Hunter Hart, Josh Merritt and John Glauda Jr in second. Third overall actually went to the top 4x4 Pro team of Landon Wolfe, Haedyn Mickelson and Burke Marsiglia. Sounds like these guys all had great time with a really long day and night of racing and even with a three-man team, racing a quad for 12 hours is undoubtedly pretty impressive! 

Loretta Lynn’s also happened and like we mentioned a few weeks back, there were several familiar GNCC names in attendance. Thor Powell was in the 125 Jr and Schoolboy 1 classes, and even with a bit of bad luck Thor still pulled off a solid eighth place in the 125 Jr after a brutal moto one left him in 20th place. He managed to pull off a fifth place in moto one of the Schoolboy 1 class but had some bad luck in the other two motos which ultimately dropped him to 21st place. 

Jimmy Jarrett was in action in the Senior 45+ class and came away with the class championship! Props to Jimmy for a solid week of racing with two moto wins and a second place in the final moto after going down early in the moto and having to work through the pack! In the WMX class, Korie Steede put together some solid rides to end the week with an impressive fourth place overall, including a third-place finish in moto two. Prestin Raines had a pretty good week and ended just barely outside the top ten overall with a 12th place finish. Not bad at all for a first-time effort at Loretta’s. 

Just after Loretta’s the Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro also happened, but to kick it off there was a Straight Rhythm Challenge that took place in the middle of Broadway in Nashville. Jordan Ashburn and Rachel Gutish are two notable GNCC regulars who were able to compete in that portion of the TKO, which is really cool to see! As for the TKO main event, it was a slew of Hard Enduro guys to top the thing, but Jordan put together a pretty impressive ride and actually qualified for the Final Knockout. 

However, in the Knockout Race 2 which qualified him for the Final Knockout, Jordan just barely limped his bike to the finish with a busted radiator hose. With a quick turn around and a little too much damage done, Jordan ended up sitting out the Final Knockout event. Regardless, that’s a pretty solid ride by Jordan and hopefully we’ll see him excel in that event next year. 

The National Enduro Series was back in action last weekend and things are really beginning to heat up there as well. Grant Baylor ended up taking the overall win ahead of Craig Delong and Trevor Bollinger. Steward Baylor had some struggles early but ended the day in fourth while Josh Toth rode well early then had issues late in the day to finish fifth. Ryder Lafferty came into the event leading the series points but had a few issues throughout the day that left him finishing sixth place. 

This shook up their point standings a bit as well as Grant Baylor took over the points lead seven points ahead of Lafferty while Steward Baylor holds the third-place spot 15 points out of second. With four rounds still remaining in their series, it’s still wide open for a championship battle and should be interesting to see how it all pans out. 

Moving on to what is coming up next, there’s some racing happening at Ironman this weekend! Pro Motocross will be in action at Ironman this weekend, along with amateur practice on Friday and amateur racing Sunday. This means there will be a lot of face familiar to the GNCC crowd in attendance, so if you’re interested in catching some awesome racing and maybe do a little of your own, then come on out to Ironman. You can buy tickets in advance, or at the gate. You can find ticketing info HERE

After Ironman, the Pro Motocross series is off to California for the final round of the season at Pala and once that’s in the books it’s back to GNCC Racing! Yes, it sort of seems hard to believe but we’re now just a hair over two weeks away from getting back into the swing of things at The Mountaineer. If you’ve never attended this event in the past, then you’ve really missed out! The facility is incredible and the track itself is a fun one but can also be a bit challenging as well. 

Once The Mountaineer is in the books, we’ll be hosting the 32nd Annual Big Dave Vet Homecoming at High Point Raceway. This is one of the most fun and laid back events of the year with GP-style Moto-X Country racing on Saturday (with classes for everyone!) and then the Vet Homecoming Motocross on Sunday (with some Support classes in addition to the Vet classes). For more info, check out the event page HERE

Alright, that’s actually going to do it for this week’s edition of Quick Fill as we’re busy here at Ironman getting ready for this weekend’s Pro Motocross event. So, enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you back here next week!