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Tuesday Toolbox: Craig Oberholzer

Tuesday Toolbox: Craig Oberholzer

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 | 7:00 PM
Tuesday, June 21, 2022 | 7:00 PM

Racing is important but making sure your health and well-being are taken care of is “importanter”. Or something like that. All joking aside, injuries happen. What’s Rodney Tomblin say during the rider’s meeting? “Motorcycles can be dangerous…” 

This year, unfortunately, we’ve had more than our fair share of reminders of how quickly things can change for someone on the track. We wear our safety gear while racing, in fact, we wouldn’t think of racing without it. But what if the “what if” happens during the race? Craig, a rider, and racer himself, saw the need for riders to have insurance, so when that “what if” happens, it can help ease the financial burden that comes with an injury. In my opinion, you need good insurance if you’re going to race anyway, why not talk to one of our own who knows the needs of a fellow rider.  

Oh, also, did I mention he loves vintage motorcycles? Because that’s pretty daggone cool too!  

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255334271_4641632972618748_8001779455935327450_n Kayla Bolton Let’s go back to the beginning. When did you first start riding? What was your first bike and when did you first start racing? 

Craig Oberholzer: I first started riding when I was 3, I begged for a pw50 at the local shop in Jackson, Ohio and dad said he’d get me one as long as I could ride a bicycle without trainers on it. Training wheels came off the next week and a z50 came shortly after! First race wasn’t until I was 7, dad had me on an xr70 and I won against KTM 50’s at a district 11 race. I was hooked! 

How’s your year going so far? Where have you been racing? 

My year has been a bit of a “Sipes program” so far. Sold my 450 at the beginning of the year and wanted to build some cool project bikes with the money I had left over and have been jumping from series to series just having fun and traveling. Planning to finish the year after summer break and race the remaining races. But more importantly building vintage bikes for Mid-Ohio Vintage days in July! 

Injuries have obviously plagued off-road racing this year. You’re actually in insurance business, correct? Elaborate on how you’ve helped riders out with their coverage.

Injuries have been wild this year man, and that’s actually why I got into the insurance business! I’m an independent agent representing Aflac, which is cool because it gives me a pretty flexible schedule and allows me to travel to the races like I do. Aflac is a supplemental insurance company that pays you cash in the event of an illness or injury, and my main focus has been to offer to riders for injury payouts. It’s for sure the most affordable form of insurance riders or business owners could offer, and, in my opinion, it saves their butt better than any kind also. In the event you’re hurt, Aflac pays you based on the injury and treatments you receive. I also can work with business owners to offer benefits to their employees such as Accident policy’s and short-term disability at no cost to the owners. Hate to see my friends hurt and that’s why I come to the races and try to get these guys some reassurance.

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Who are some of the riders you’ve helped with coverage?

My buddy Josh Toth was actually my first policy holder. Since then, I’ve helped Stew Baylor, Josh Strang, Trevor Bollinger, Lyndon Snodgrass, Mason Semmens, JoJo Cunningham, Craig Delong, Thad Duvall, and a whole mess of other guys. Sadly, I’ve already had to file some claims for the boys but most of the riders work with Doctor Tanner down in South Carolina and he’s been super helpful with the paperwork side of things and keeps the riders taken care of!

How can people get in contact with you if they were interested?

If business owners or individuals are interested in learning more, they can reach me at (740)418-9281, Instagram @coberholzer_511, or my work email is [email protected]. Text is probably the fastest.

Saw you raced out at Muddy Creek Raceway for the AHRMA Vintage MX National. Love seeing the vintage bikes put to actual use on the track. How’d that go for you?

Yeah man I actually planned to head to the NEPG in Georgia last weekend, but my project KTM 200 had some issues so I got a phone call about a Vintage race and swap meet up in Tennessee, so I loaded up the van. My good buddy Jeff Miller out of southern Ohio built me a sweet ‘95 CR 250 and I’ve been itching to take it somewhere. Ended up sweeping two classes and getting second in modern two stroke. Getting the stable ready for some Mid-Ohio Vintage Days racing next month!

When you’re not at the track racing, what do you like to do for fun?

When I’m not racing, I’m on Facebook marketplace or I’m in the garage trying to wrench on marketplace finds or trying to track down junk Cabover semis. Really just trying to keep it fun!

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You had me at Cabover Semis! Snowshoe this weekend, you coming to race? More importantly, are you coming to party?

Snowshoe is fixing to be a good time! Beers will be drank and dirtbikes will be rode! If my 200 is ready, I’ll be racing sportsman A. If not, I’ll be drinking by 9:00 am. Get your golf clubs ready boys, cause the short strokers are here to clean up on Friday. 

Who are the people and sponsors you’d like to thank?

A lot of people in my corner that keep me rolling on the weekends! Miller Mountain Motorsports, O’Neal mx, my parents for not disowning me for my marketplace obsession, and all my friends for keeping it fun! Party time!