GNCC Racing

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 | 5:00 PM

Racing, working, being a husband and a father. A role, or ROLES I should say, many are familiar with. But family is what GNCC racing is all about. This week we talk with Seth Wilson. When he’s not busy working, helping the track crew at a GNCC, being a dad, and being a husband, he finds time to race. Coming off a second place in class and a third place on the podium as a Top Amateur, I’d say Seth has things dialed.

Wiseco Logo Mikey Waynes
Seth Wilson (#501) currently sits sixth in the Junior A class points standings after 4 rounds of racing. Mikey Waynes When did you get started riding and eventually racing?

Seth Wilson: I started racing locals when I was four years old on a Polaris 50cc ATV.

When did you start racing the GNCC Series?

I started out racing the GNCC Series back in 2011.

You’re currently racing the Junior A (22+) class in ATV’s. Coming off two second place finishes in the class and the most recent landing you on the Top 3 Overall Amateur Podium. Tell us about the season and landing on the podium for a Top 3 Overall Amateur.

The season started out rough, but got it together in Georgia for round three. I came into Tiger Run feeling well and being the first A row to start the race off helped me out too. This is my second time with a third top amateur overall in my racing career.

Wiseco Logo Mikey Waynes
Seth (left) on the ATV Top Amateur podium with his daughter.  Ken Hill

You’ve done some work with GNCC, still doing that or is it back to racing full time now?

Well lets see, on Saturday I am full-time racing, but then on Sunday I am full-time working with the GNCC Crew. You know, racing isn’t cheap!! (laughs out loud)

You’ve been a dad for a little while now. What’s dad-life like? She even made her first podium appearance at the Tiger Run GNCC, that had to be cool.

Dad life is GREAT!! It is extremely rewarding. I had to bring her up to the podium so one day she will know how cool her dad is (was).

I know this interview primary focuses on GNCC. But I’d be doing a disservice to the people if we didn’t’ talk about the Lawn Mower race you helped organize at the NECXC. Tell us about that!

We saw a video on the internet and knew we had to try it. It went amazing and we plan to have more this summer on the schedule… you will have to come check it out!!!

Wiseco Logo Mikey Waynes
Seth helping out the GNCC Crew on Sunday. Ken Hill

Work life, race life, life-life, how do you find time to balance everything and still be there on race weekend?

It’s rough some weeks when we have an NECXC race right after a GNCC, but my wife is very helpful at home and the NECXC crew is the A-Team, so we get it done…

The Junior A class is pretty stacked this season and you’ve come away with a couple second place finishes. What are your goals this season as far as the class is concerned?

In the wise words of Reese Bobby (Ricky Bobby’s dad) “if you ain’t first, you’re last”. In all seriousness my goal is to win, but you’re right the class is stacked, with the likes of Alex Elioff, Caden Rine, Devin Masters, and Brady Myers.

Who are the people and sponsors you’d like to thank?

I would like to thank my Mom and Dad, my wife Dominique and my daughter Rayne, my sister Sydney, and my Nan Rosa for all their support. Also, thanks to, Drew from Kenda Tires, Micah from custom axis, Waynesburg Yamaha, fast track moto co, Blud lubricants, FXR, Wiseco, Mika Metals, Acerbis, ODI, Millers Greenhouse, Smithfield Hardware, Tire Balls, Outlaw Motorsports, Tely Energy, Kevin Ganoe, Leatt, Nine2, Motoseat, Jimmy Bortz, Twin Air, the Jennings, the Moskalas’, the Randolphs', the Waggetts’, the Sollons’ and the Blunkoskys’. And last and certainly least Mathew McCormick.