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Tuesday Toolbox: Westley Wolfe

Tuesday Toolbox: Westley Wolfe

Tuesday, November 9, 2021 | 6:00 PM
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 | 6:00 PM

Westley Wolfe works a 9-5 job regularly while also competing at the highest ranks in the AMA Pro ATV Motocross Championship and GNCC Championship each year. Wolfe races in the AMA Pro ATV and GNCC XC1 Pro classes. Wolfe appeared on the ATVMX podium a couple of times this past season before suffering a broken arm at the Loretta Lynn ATVMX event in August. Wolfe has been on the mend, and is aiming to be able to return to racing as early as possible in the 2022 season.

Westley Wolfe contests in the GNCC Series and ATV Motocross Series. Photo: Ken Hill

GNCC Racing: How’s it going today?

Westley Wolfe: Good, I just finished eating some dinner after a long day of work. We were putting flooring on a deck.

So what is a typical week day like for you?

A typical weekday at the moment could mean two things as I go to physical therapy first thing in the morning three days a week followed by going to the job site, or I just get up and go to work with the crew.

When do you find time for riding, training, all that kind of stuff?

Let’s see, I don’t really have time… I normally come home and find something to do around the house, but during the season I would ride one day a week mainly at the Nine2 compound. However, as in true training in the gym, never heard of it…. Ha-ha. I’m only ever in the gym when I’m down South, otherwise I just use my job as a workout.

Wolfe had a great start to the ATVMX season, finishing third in Daytona. Photo: Ken Hill

So you’re telling me, you show up and race with little prep?!

Never even heard of prep. I just wing it. I will be honest though I have to give a major shoutout to my local mechanic, Buck, for making sure my ATVs were ready for me at each round of racing.

Tell us a little bit about how your 2021 season went.

My 2021 season was busy as always, no surprise really. On the GNCC side it went pretty much the same in that I was in the normal 10th to 8th place finishing positions, just having fun with it as that was my goal this year. But with ATVMX and the deal I had, I decided to push hard for that series. I podiumed at the first round in Daytona, and again at round five in Illinois. But a gnarly crash at Loretta’s would end my season early.

That was a pretty brutal crash at Loretta Lynn’s, how’s the healing process going?

Healing is very slow, I’m very weak at the moment and have lack of motion. I’m very thankful for the doctors and tech at the hospital, which were able to reconstruct my radial head on my elbow after it was broken in 8 pieces. At this time, I’m in physical therapy two days a week now, was three but I hope to go down to one as I just received a brace to help with motion. 

Wolfe grabbing an XC1 Pro ATV GNCC Holeshot at round one this year. Photo: Ken Hill

What kind of plans do you have in store for 2022?

Plans for next year are to just run a handful of GNCC’s more than likely going to be the tracks I like or the close ones, as I am just being spread too thin to run both series. That being said I do plan to race a full ATVMX Series with a JH machine under me. 

You balance racing GNCC with the ATVMX series as well, what’s it like contesting two series?

You really want to know what it’s like? You really don’t have time to do anything at home, but yet I still do it and at the end of the day it doesn’t actually bother me I just do whatever needs done. You’ll also have a couple dark thirty days at work too (means you work a half hour past dark) you guys also don’t know but I run the local D6 MX races so after racing GNCC Saturday I would sometimes drive all night get home and have my truck packed and ready to go Sunday morning and go race again 

What kind of benefits are there to racing both series?

The race family and the fans are huge benefits with both series, which I am very thankful. Also, the amount of people I have met and who continue to help me out each weekend.

Do you feel that racing GNCC benefits you more in the ATVMX series, or does ATVMX benefit you more in GNCC?

They both help each other as ATVMX helps with the sprinting and technique, but the GNCC series helps with that 20 minute moto making it feel like 5 minutes.    

Wolfe had his ups-and-downs throughout the season. This one at High Point ATVMX National as he pushed his ATV over the finish line. Photo: Ken Hill

What kind of goals do you have for 2022?

My goals are very broad at this time, but by January and a month or two training then I’ll have an answer for you. On a side goal though I really just want to stay consistent and healthy for the year.

How about beyond 2022? What kind of long term goals do you have?

Long term… mhhh you kind of sound like my girlfriend trying to make plans. Day by day lol. I will probably race a few more years till the fun disappears, but outside of racing eventually I plan to take over the family business and stay in the construction field. Have a family and all that good stuff!

Who would you like to thank?

Mom & Dad like always wouldn’t be here without them.
My girlfriend, Kierstin is always a major help too.
Jacob Stevens for helping me train.
JH crew, Nine2, Fly Racing, FTR, Santo and James.
& Kayla and Jared Bolton for his interview (added by Kayla).