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Quick Fill #11: This Week in GNCC

Quick Fill #11: This Week in GNCC

Thursday, April 1, 2021 | 10:00 PM
Thursday, April 1, 2021 | 10:00 PM

Welcome to Quick Fill.

Four rounds are in the books and wow, are things really beginning to heat up! Last weekend’s Camp Coker Bullet GNCC produced some amazing racing all weekend long and it seems like everyone really enjoyed the event as a whole. I heard quite a few folks say this was their favorite Camp Coker event to date, and I’d have to agree. The new section of property added into the racecourse did get a bit rough but I thought it was a blast. 

As usual, I gave our friends at Racer X a recap of some of the happenings on the bike side. You can check that out HERE and if you read you’ll pick up a cool little note early on. The cool note is that it looks like there’s some plans to bring the motocross track at Camp Coker back to life. That’s pretty cool to hear as there have been more tracks to close in recent years than there are more opening up, and while Camp Coker isn’t necessarily a “new” track, it’s pretty cool to see that Hank Moree and crew have the desire to bring it back. 

If you’re not familiar, the Camp Coker Motocross track is a bit of a legend in the Carolinas. I can remember riding at the track and attending some motocross races there years ago and it always seemed to have a reputation as being a pretty tough track. It wasn’t tough because the jumps were huge and technical. In fact, it always had the old-school feel that its had when it’s been included as part of the GNCC course. What made it so tough is that it would get brutally rough as the day wore on as the sand always seemed to get really loose and you’d find yourself fighting to stay upright. 

At the same time, this was a really fun challenge and overall it was always a really fun track. Time will tell exactly what kind of plans the Moree’s have for the track but we very well could roll back into Camp Coker in 2022 and see a totally revamped motocross track. Keep in mind, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will definitely be part of the GNCC loop next year, but it’s not impossible. We skipped it this year because you would have been coming to it backwards and due to where the track sits on the property, it’s just about impossible to come at it backwards, stay on property and turn around to run the track in the correct direction. It would have been awkward and you would’ve only hit a minimal portion of it, so we’ll just save it for another time! 

This Saturday we have the Wake Up! High Point Ride Day at High Point Raceway. We’ll have the motocross track open for organized practice, plus a woods loop, a mountain bike loop (for both e-bikes and traditional mountain bikes), a 50cc track, and a Stacyc course. So, there are opportunities for everyone to come out and do some riding. This is a motorcycle only, Saturday only, ride day.

I’ve been working on the woods loop this week and it’s just around three-miles. There’s some really cool sections, fun up and down hills, and if I get enough time I’ve got an idea for an optional single track section that could be a bit technical. There’s a bit of extra work that would go into that, so we need to be sure everything else is squared away before I spend a bunch of time on that but it will be clearly marked if it happens.

We got some rain on Wednesday and it stayed cloudy throughout the day on Thursday but dried up some of the really wet spots. Right now, the dirt in the woods is super primo around the majority of the course and hopefully it will continue to dry out the few wet spots on Friday. If you’re interested in coming out this weekend, you can get all the info HERE.

So, since we’ve got that Wake Up! High Point Ride Day to get squared away, I’ll actually keep this week’s edition of Quick Fill on the short side. Enjoy your weekend and we hope to see you at High Point!